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About Ashley.

Hey y'all! I am an scientist, passionate about protecting the environment, and animal lover. I have two energetic dogs that think they are puppies. Between work, volunteering and my dogs I am loving life and absorbing everything positive I can. 

Why Oils?

I began oils to help my friends and family have chemical free options and to find animal friendly products. I have my family on board and I FINALLY feel confident with my cleaning supplies are safe for my dogs. House smells amazing, save money on vet visits with a tummy roller for the doggies oh my goodness let me count the ways how much these products are a life saver!


My overall goal is to turn my household chemical-free and help my family and friends to do the same. One thing I was not expecting while joining Young Living was the community. I have met the most wonderful people during this journey. Everyone wants to help even when they are not directly on your team. Its amazing. My Aunt joined Young Living and she doesn't sell but my friends help her with any questions she has when I am unsure of the answer. I love this community and opportunities. Words can not explain the gratitude I have for friendships, back up financial stability and chemical free lifestyles.  


Favorite Oils:

Thieves and Lemon Vitality (These two have helped me in so many ways through pollen season and boost my immune system.) Valor (This was my first oil I tried. I wore it while presenting front of the entire state regional inspectors to promote and educate on updated resources we were creating to make their jobs easier while out in the field. While wearing valor, I felt like I could conquer all in front of that huge crowd compared to my previous presentations without this oil.) Stressaway is mine and my doggies favorite as well as DIgize and Orange roller (this helps both of our tummy feel better when they don't feel well). Endoflex is my other go to you will find in my daily oil bag I don't leave home without. (This is oils helps keep my balance especially during that time of the month when the monster comes to visit.) What can I say I have not found an oil I don't LOVE!


 Favorite Products or Recipes:

NUMBER ONE favorite product is Thieves Cleaners.

Hair detangler: Lavender, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Peppermint vitamin E and water.

Shower Steamers (open up my nose): eucalyptus, pepermint, lavender, baking soda, water and mold.

There were so many more I struggled to narrow it down to these.

Essential Oils
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