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hi friend, 

I'm Lauren.

YOUR Profitable Purpose Coach!

Digital Marketer, Personal Brand Coach, Podcaster, Home + Lifestyle Blogger, Photographer, Interior Designer, and Dreamer.


In my 14 years of being a business owner, I've also helped other business owners fulfill their dreams and scale to multi-7 figures.

Now, alongside being the official waffle-master for my little family of 6, I create educational resources for entrepreneurs and run an online coaching business to support ambitious women to profit from home and shine in fulfilling their purpose!

Inspiring, equipping, and empowering you to transform your life story into a brand with a sustainable and profitable purpose.


let's be friends




inspiring, equipping, and empowering the
multi-passionate creative entrepreneur inside of you

the method

transforming your life story into a brand with purpose


Inspiring you to transform your passions into a profitable purpose while living a life you love.

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Equipping you with actionable steps that actually guide you towards your unique vision.

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Empowering you with timeless systems that pivot with your brand through every season of life.

What Clients Say


Carrie found flexibility in converting to automation.

"With Lauren as our guide, it was possible to convert my existing systems into a seamless automated workflow that I only had to create ONCE. Now I can focus on my clients and the one-on-one attention they need and my services sell themselves."

ways to work with me

next steps

ready to level up your business game? whether you're getting started, feeling stuck, or thinking of scaling to a passive model... I've got a (virtual) desk with your name on it. 

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This is my step-by-step guide to creating, launching, and selling your very own digital product in 21 days or less, with ease. 

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Now offering single sessions, masterminds, mentorships, and 1-on-1 coaching to support your business journey.

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Looking for self-education? These are all my fave business resources for starting, growing, and scaling a business in one place.


Our business resources have been intentionally designed to stir ambitious entrepreneurs into action for success. We hope in sharing our secrets that you find empowerment and growth in your business.

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