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Monthly Care Calls

Your business is built on intently building strong, relationships with your members. This is achieved by making them feel important, keeping 80% of the conversation on day-to-day life and the other 20% of the time meeting their needs when they arise, answering questions, and helping educate them on this chemical-free lifestyle. 

"People do not care until they care. And, it is your JOB to make them care."- Jordan Schrandt

We will always stress a wholesale membership over retail. Friends don't let friends pay full price! It is more beneficial for you and for them if they have their own membership and ability to earn rewards and free products!!! Plus you get paid and the more involved you are in their journey, the more likely retention will be and member and order retention is key to your success!

There are 2 types of members: Those who get it and those who do not; those who are on ER and those who are not. I would 

Member with PSK and ER

Great job, friend. You have a member who understands the power of this lifestyle. Now it is about retention of that member. You have to strive monthly to make sure that person feels loved, heard, and their needs are met. 

Member with no ER

If they choose not to sign up for ER or stop it, it's mostly likely because they simply don't understand the value of their: 

  • Membership (24% off retail, no minimum orders)

  • ER (50PV is all it takes to retain 10-25% back and 100PV to receive commission checks)

  • Chemical-free lifestyle (one product will NOT change their lives)

  • Seed to Seal (that toxins are EVERYWHERE and we can trust Young Living products for our one-stop-shop)

  • Ditch and Switch Options (that what they are buying on a regular trip to the grocery store, they can have shipped to their door)

*Start with educating on these topics first. If they full understand these, they will make an educated decision and see the value in this lifestyle. 

Helpful Tools

1. Each month, we will send an Oils Made Simple Newsletter that will inform your members of upcoming events and monthly promos, training, and an invitation to our team chat.


The first week of the month, you should start with a checklist of your members and go down the list, texting, calling or sending them a message on fb. You can create a google sheet of your members, to track your conversations and keep dates and all 

  • Check and see if they got the email and ask them if they are interested in any of the classes, training, or information in the newsletter. This should help you strike up a conversation. Help them find links and get plugged in.

  • Even 0PVs should be on your list. Make sure they understand how valuable they are to you and check in on how life is with them.

2. After that conversation, schedule a time to check in with them 3-5 days before their ER processing date to help them make a list of things to Ditch + Switch. Here are some graphics to help you help them. Send these to them and offer to help them SAVE money by educating them on ditching and switching. 

Creating a Wellness Plan

It's really important to have a plan to keep you on track, to help you reach your health, wellness, and financial goals. These are personal to you and it's important you don't work on a whole array of things at once, but focus your efforts so that you see the most results in a certain time frame. For instance, if you focus on ditching and switching personal care products, you'd want to grab something for your nervous system, something for seasonal support and weightloss; instead, you'd want to focus your orders on shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, and shave oil. You will get the best results from focusing on one category at a time. 

In doing this, you will also be able to help your members create a monthly plan that meets their health goals, but also suits their monthly budget. 


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