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simple coaching

3 pillars of a successful business:

simple coaching.

strategic business planning.

sustainable market growth.


Feel stuck in life or in your business journey?! We can help! Our mindset coaching can help you get unstuck, help you create a vision for your life, and grow yourself in a holistic way. Take our Dream Course, get coached 1-on-1, or join the Academy to find actionable steps that lead to sustainable growth and success!

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Social Sellers

Feeling like there's more to life than what you're living? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and don't feel like you have a clear idea of what you want your life to look like? Don't fret!

I delight in helping others find a vision for their life and create habits that help them attain their goals. I'd love to coach you through a dream session to help you start living your best life... the one you deserve!

You've got an incredible business idea but you're stuck in your head because you've never run a business. 

I've been coaching business owners before business coaching was a thing! I've owned several small businesses for the last 20 years and love empowering other 


Are you wanting to become a social seller or have a network marketing business to grow? Look no further, get coached by my coach! And, here's a link for an extra $100 off her Social Selling Academy!


"Comprehensive training from Kristen Boss including authentic marketing strategies, powerful and confident selling, and purposeful influence. Learn the exact things that are keeping you from having the results you want"

coaching freebies

why wait? 
grow NOW!
Check out these fun freebies to help you get started! 

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