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strategic business planning

3 pillars of a successful business:

simple coaching.

strategic business planning.

sustainable market growth.

if you've had any of these thoughts...

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It's Time to Make a Plan

"Where do I even begin?!"

"A business plan? Aren't those for big businesses?"

"I've got a brilliant concept and dream, but I don't know where to start!"

Start Up

At the heart of who I am, you'll find a small business owner who longs to help other small businesses thrive, grow, and elevate their services. While most businesses are known for their brick and mortar location, I believe that the foundation of a business is a good plan, a marketing strategy and breath-taking branding from logo to websites. If you're looking for something more than cookie-cutter and custom to your creative needs, I'm your girl! You focus on your skills and services- what you do best, and allow me showcase them at their finest!

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Start Up Checklist

Dreaming of starting a business but overwhelmed not knowing where to start?


I created a startup checklist with YOU in mind! That way you can dream and knock out all the important steps when setting up your own business: including planning and research, processes, admin and finance, design and marketing strategies.


I've got you, friend!

Business Plans

Have you decided to start a business but you're lost at where to start with graphics or how to create a clear brand image that resonates with your clients?

Our Purposed Business Coaching Academy empowers small business owners with all the coaching needed from start-up, so you can focus on bringing your product or service to market with excellence. 

Get Coached

I am a creative entrepreneur who delights in helping others pursue their wildest dreams! I have always had a heart for small businesses, have helped several grow, but ultimately my dream is to do it in a way that allows me to reach the world with the knowledge I've gained, so I started to offer virtual courses through 

grits, grace, & granola.

Business freebies

why wait?
grow your business
Our business resources have been intentionally designed to stir ambitious entrepreneurs into action for success. We hope in sharing our secrets that you find empowerment and growth in your business.

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