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can I actually make money?    

This is the BEST compensation plan on the planet. I get paid to help my friends and family get paid. When they grow, I grow. By helping them with health and wellness and helping them grow their businesses, I help my own family. Here's a look at the average incomes per year. 


I have grown my YL business entirely online on social media. I get to use my existing brand to incorporate every part to who I am into my YL business. I do not reach out to anyone. I don't make any cold calls or send weird messages. And, I teach my team how to do that too!


No experience. No education. No limits. We will teach you everything you need to know. Join one of our "Peek inside the YL business Classes" to learn more. 


how is this different from any other MLM? 

Young Living is drastically different from other MLMs because of one key factor- you get to strategically help place your members to benefit your team's overall growth. That means that once you sign up a member, you get to move them and place them under other team members. 


You only need 6 level ones to make it to the top rank. So, in moving and helping other people, you get to bless others as you are also blessed. You are paid on 5 levels plus generational commissions for helping your team members rank up and build too! 


I don't know another company so team-oriented and driven by community of loving and helping others. 


is this a pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL. Most of us hear this word and concept from a skeptical person and don't even understand what it means. A pyramid scheme is a way of getting one to invest into a company. There is no exchange of product, only money for recruiting other people to invest too. The more investors you bring, the more you make. 


Young Living gives you a product in exchange for money. The reason Mary Young decided to use the MLM structure or network marketing was to bring more money to families and less money to marketing and big box stores that never even know their end user. Our goal is to build relationships and invest into our customers and members so that they have one-on-one help with using these products. 


Last time I bought a lotion or a household cleaner at a super market, they didn't send me with a personal coach to help support me in my journey. But with Young Living, we get to do that with each family we touch. 


Young Living reports all earnings to the FTC or the Federal Trade Commission every year. They have been around for 25+ years and have been following the rules and regulations of the FTC and the FDA very carefully to protect us.


does this business work?

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is simple, but it isn't easy. However, it is fun. We are surrounded by a team of incredible entrepreneurs and you can make it your own. Whether you have 5 hours to commit a week or 50... you can take this at your own pace, if you decide to share the business.



how can I learn more?  

Every Sunday night at 8pm EST we meet as a team to chat, encourage and pray for one another, train on business strategies and plan for upcoming events. We'd love to have you join us. Join in anytime. 

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