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About Emily.

Hey everyone, my name is Emily Berry.  I am a wife and mother to two fur babies and we have our first human child on the way!  My husband has a love for agriculture and has instilled in me a love of self sustainability.    We spend a lot of our down time together gardening and working on our little farm together. In the past few years we have started raising heirloom breed turkeys as well, I love being outside and getting dirty!    I have a Masters in Education and have been a school counselor for going on 9 years now, which I love!    


Why Oils?

I started using oils recently after taking this past year to learn about clean living and the affects that everyday products have on our bodies.   Becoming pregnant also intrigued me to try to eliminate unnecessary toxins that are in my house.   Young Living allows me to try products that are not full of chemicals and that I don't feel guilty about having around our fur children.   Knowing that I am trying my best to eliminate harmful toxins in my home and having safe products to use around our new little one is why I chose Young Living.   This business allows me to have a flexible schedule which I am sure will come in handy in a few weeks, but it also lets me use products that are safe, healthy, and chemical free. I don't have to worry about things anymore like, putting the dogs outside until the floors are dry AFTER I clean them because of the toxins in the cleaners for example.   


Fave Oils, Products + Recipes

Being new to oils, I am trying and still learning!   Right now, I am loving lavender, it helps me to relax and I even use it on my dogs to help calm their itchy skin.   I also love frankincense, I have started using it in my skin care routine, I put a drop of it in my night time facial lotion to help brighten my skin.    

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