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Love God, country, and ready to settle down with a family? Could you be the ONE for Lauren? 


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Lauren's story.
{in a nutshell}

Joel and I met when we were just 14 years old. Instantly I knew he was someone special. We dated a short time but remained friends throughout our teenage years. We went our separate ways after high school, but fate would have it that when our lives were turned upside down, we would reunite and become friends again. For years we were in and out of contact, but in December of 2012 we finally got it right. By the following February, we were engaged with the sweetest proposal. We were married in September 2013 and we moved to Florida the summer after to look for better rehabilitation options for Joel after an accident that left him paralyzed, non-verbal and a ball of fire with his quick whit and sense of humor. 

In 2015, the internet found us by way of our re-created 1st Dance when Joel stood for the first time since his accident and danced with me to our wedding song. Joel began painting by mouth to help support us and I cared for him around the clock. Quickly, we found a means to make a life of our own. He used his profits from painting to put a down payment on our 1st home together in 2016- a sweet old farmhouse in Jacksonville, Florida. 












We started classes to adopt a child from foster care in July of 2017. By the following August we were able to call Freddie, the sweetest 14 year-old boy, ours. 


Hard times would strike again in middle January of 2019 when Joel decided to continue his hand at recovery and wanted eye surgery to correct his double vision. Shortly after, during his recovery at home, he stopped his battle with late, on-set depression and his earthly body, and cheerfully entered heaven's gates to walk the streets of Gold after a triple heart attack. 

That summer, Freddie and I started chasing a dream of mine to own a farm in a small town. 63 animals later, we found our perfect place, but I (and Freddie) am missing something special, a man to share all this goodness with. I know God has a very special person out there to be someone Freddie can look up to and enjoy this beautiful, fun and crazy farm life. 

I know that this isn't a traditional way of finding love, but dating apps make me cringe- like a photo, flirt, and hope there's a spark or not... I am so much more serious about this process and want to be intentional about finding the right fit for us. 

Are you, or someone you know, looking for the love of your life in a small town, country girl with a big heart? If so, apply or pass this along to help me find love.

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Why are you doing this?

I am serious about finding the RIGHT guy. I'm 31 and my life is established. I don't want to waste anymore time waiting around on something and I feel the more clear I am about my intentions and what I'm looking for, the easier it is to focus on the right person. Our life isn't just a normal life, it's a lifestyle and a dream. And I want it to be a shared dream. 

How will this process work?

1. Apply (by March 13, 2021)

2. Select potential matches (done by Lauren + friends)

3. 2nd Application + Application for your friend/family member to fill out about you! 

4. FaceTime Date to break the ice (with conversation starters by Lauren's sister)

5. 1st Date (a few final matches)

6. 2nd Date (2 final matches)

How "public" will this be?

share my life through my blog and my social media- that is also a way of life for me. It is important for the person I am with to want to be a part of that for our future. I am actually pretty private, but I also share more than most people do on social media, so this process will be public. I will share videos, stories, pictures, and possibly your answers with the world- just so you know what you're signing up for. But it will be fun and worth it, I promise! I will never share anything you are not comfortable with publicly-ever.

Why not a dating app?

Been there, done that. It's so impersonal to me. I feel like "my people" know me well enough to help me find the right fit for me better than an app that asks me a few questions. I would rather narrow it down with my own questions and be intentional than just wait and see what happens.

What are some non-negotiables?

- A growing relationship with Jesus. 

Must want to be married and have kids. Supportive of me having an adopted 16 year old son.

- Must love animals, living on a farm and doing farm-related, homesteading work. Wants to live in a small town in SC. (I am rooted.)

- Not currently or have future plans to be in the military (Respect it but it's not for me. Past military is fine).

- Does not enjoy drinking alcohol regularly and/or any recreational drugs or smoking.

- Respectful of my story and love for Joel and his family and wants to be involved in being part of my story continued.


What are qualities or common interests

you're looking for?

- Hardworking. Doesn't mind getting dirty and home projects.

- Enjoys being home of all places.

- Fun-loving and a little adventurous. Enjoys watching the sunset and the lake, the little things in life. 

- Enjoys sharing photos and themselves somewhat openly on social media and with the world.

- Loves country music and rap (Freddie's request).

- Enjoys cooking/grilling and hosting friends and family.

- Funny and laid back. 


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