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About Lauren.

Hey guys! I'm so excited you're here and interested in starting your journey to a chemical-free lifestyle. I'm a mama (to an adopted teenage boy) and a wife (my husband is now in Heaven with Jesus). I am own a farm in the Upstate of South Carolina. I am a homesteader, an entrepreneur, a maker, and I'm passionate about intentional self-growth. 

Why Oils?

I am an entrepreneur at heart, and after my income STOPPED at the same moment I lost my husband, I knew I didn't want to go back into the work-world. However, I was NOT about to run another MLM. I needed to find a way to stay home with my son to help him with his virtual-learning and it was time to chase my dream. I said "no" to the business of YL before I knew that it could be the vehicle to pursuing all my other farm-steading dreams.


I was always intrigued by a simple-r way of life. So, it was only natural that I would fall in love with Young Living because of its comprehensive, chemical-free product line that suits anyone from 2 days to 92 years old, for every household and personal care need. I started using oils to infuse in our e-commerce market products, because I knew one day I wanted to attain this homesteading, holistic lifestyle. But, NO ONE taught me about oils. I didn't have a clue the extent of what gold mine I was sitting on. Once I realized I could literally ditch and switch out every household and medicine in my house for natural things, starting with the Premium Starter Kit, I saw the potential it had to change the lives of every single family in the world, and in helping others live better lives, it just made sense to me that this business was everything I was looking for to propel myself and my family into the lifestyle I was after.

Most of all, I LOVE that Young Living allows me to help others make a better way of life for their family, both in their home and in their finances. To be able to help them achieve their own dreams of freedom is literally the best job in the world!

Fave Oils:

Peppermint (because it gives me great relief)

CedarWood (blended for sleep and focus)

Fave Products/Recipes:

Thieves Household Cleaner (because it cleans every single surface known to man with the power of plants)

NingXia (energy and immunity support all in a SINGLE oz serving)

I LOVE to cook/bake with oils. I just substitute my herbs and spices with oils. It's so therapeutic for me to be in my kitchen creating!

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