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About Kenzie.

Hi friends!! I am a military wife on a mission, according to my husband who serves in the US Navy.  We have 2 babies under 3. Our life is crazy! We currently reside in Maryland, but who knows where our next adventure will take us. My mission is to love and serve women in seasons of  pregnancy, motherhood, infertility, postpartum, and daily life. I have Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Exercise Science that I love to use to gain a deeper knowledge of how essential oils benefit the human body.

Why Oils?

I began really using oils when I was  pregnant with my little man, hi Nolan! He is 7 months now and I am just beginning to scratch the surface of what these oils are capable of. So far we use them for sleep support, skincare, nervous system support, weight management, emotional release, and meditation. And y’all that’;s just the oils. You wouldn’t believe everything else Young Living provides for my family.

My goal is to provide my family with the support they need physically and financially through Young Living. I want to use Young Living as the vehicle to reach my dreams of opening an integrated, holistic practice for women where we can provide everything, not limited to; nutritional advice, acupuncture, fitness, and childcare...I have big dreams.

Fave Oils:

Northern Lights Black Spruce (love me some tree oils), Valor (toddler feels are no joke), and Lavender. If you don’t know what to use, go get the Lavender!

Fave Products/Recipes:

Kidscents Sleepygize and Unwind. The Sleepygize for the babies, but Unwind for the adults in the house. Just because it’s designed for them doesn’t mean it won’t work for us. Trust me. I also really love Feather the Owl. He is drop tested 30 times, a sound machine, and a nightlight! It’s amazing. 

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