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What's Included:

Passive Profit Millionaire

This course is filled the exact strategies that Hailey Cunningham aka Millionaire Mindset Mama used to make over $450,000 from creating and selling her own digital products in less than 5 months. Not only that, you'll get to resell this very course as your own and pocket 100% of the earnings. Yep, it's like getting all the tools you need to succeed and a business-in-a-box, all wrapped up in one!

✔️Unlock ALL the ESSENTIAL resources required to kickstart a thriving digital marketing venture in your spare time, even if you're a complete newcomer.

✔️Discover invaluable insights and techniques to excel in social media sales and crafting content that drives real sales for you!

✔️Access Hailey Cunningham's personally curated content, along with extensive modules featuring her trusted collaborators, who are experts in various fields like Branding, Shopify, Canva, Pinterest Marketing, Mindset Motivation, and more – including yours truly!

✔️Gain entry into our exclusive Passive Profit Millionaire community and enjoy limitless, lifelong access to all upcoming modules, without any recurring monthly fees or surprise upsells. (And yes, we'll keep adding new material for you and your clients!)

✔️BUT THAT'S NOT ALL – it's a fully DONE-FOR-YOU digital product, ready for you to resell with a 100% profit margin with Master Resell Rights, and it's all YOURS. Whether you're struggling to pick a profitable niche, create the perfect product, or lack a transformation story or social proof for your offerings, this is tailored just for you!


Take a Peek Inside

Module 1: The What. The Why. The How of Digital Products

Module 2: Brand YOU (everything from choosing fonts to colors)

Module 3: Creating Your Digital Product

Module 4: All things Canva

Module 5: Creating Content that Converts- Selling on Social Media and Pinterest

Module 6: Driving Traffic to Your Offer

Plus everything you need to know how to resell!


Who is this course for? Anyone interested in leveling up their social media to reach their target audience and sell virtually from anywhere!

What are Master Resell Rights? A type of license that allows the resell of digital products to the purchaser for 100% profit as if it were their own product. There are no limitations on the number of sales. It however does not give you the rights to change or alter the product in anyway.

Do I Actually Get to Keep 100% of the $$$? YES!!! Passive Profit Millionaire comes with Master Resale Rights which means you can resell this product and you make 100% of of the profit with every sale!

Do I have to sell the course? No! It is yours to teach and sell to other but Passive Profit Millionaire is a course in and of itself that will teach you how to create, brand, and sell your own product, in whatever industry that might be. It teaches you profitable skills to make money online, no matter what you're passionate about!

How do taxes work? You can easily qualify this as a Sole Proprietorship or an LLC. I will personally use it as a digital product I sell with my existing LLC. But, it's totally up to you!

Are there any other fees or on-going charges? No! This is a one-time purchase with no upsells. You pay once for this and your customers pay you directly and all profit is 100% yours!

For detailed breakdowns of our Agreements associated with Passive Profit Millionaire such as Licensing Agreement, Distribution Rights, Terms and Conditions and more, please visit our Agreements page here. By purchasing you are acknowledging consent of agreement.


Once you purchase, you will be taken a registration page where you will enter your name and e-mail to register for free on the main portal of Passive Profit Millionaire.

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