3 Ingredient DIY Sugar Scrubs

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

This fun, fall bath-and-body, make-and-take workshop is fun for a girls' day or night in with friends and kids. It was a crowd pleaser and everyone got to see how simple oils can be with a little direction.

Sugar Scrub Workshop

We had so much fun at our fall sugar scrub workshop and I thought I'd share the photos here! Each month, we will be hosting virtual workshops where you can purchase your DIY kit and make your own at home. If you don't have oils at home, we will send you everything you need to follow the video and blog and DIY! Or, you can purchase all the ingredients listed below in the recipe and gather them yourself.

During the workshop I had diffusers filled all around my house with different scents and recipes so the girls could smell and see which recipe and oils they would like to use.

No Secrets Here

My mission at JPF is to be authentic and transparent with you. No secrets, no gimmicks. It's just that simple. I feel that if you love what we have to offer- whether products or resources, you'll join in and help your family by creating a clean lifestyle. I believe what you give, you receive back, so even if I'm not making a killing, I'll support my family. That's why I'll continue to show you how it's done, I'll pave the way, in hopes you'll join me on this journey and continue helping your family know and do better.

Today we create sugar scrubs from scratch in my kitchen! YIPEE!!!

You can either make them along side me, by grabbing the ingredients yourself, or you can purchase my sugar scrubs in our market.

*Note: previously we were making our sugar scrubs with food coloring and in an effort to achieve a clean lifestyle, we no longer add food coloring or dyes.

DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe

Combine all dry ingredients in mixing bowl and pour into jar with air tight lid.

Bath Bomb Demo


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