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4 Ingredient DIY Lip Balm

Did you know "Words like herbal, natural, and organic have no legal definition"? -The Story of Stuff Project

Do what?! Take a few minutes and watch and educate yourself on the choices we are making, every single day.

Dirty Make Up

Remember: Only 11 chemicals have ever been regulated by the FDA for use in cosmetics. No safety tests are required before beauty products hit store shelves. Gross, right?

Here are some harmful chemicals that could be lurking in your makeup kit: Lipstick – Lead (harmful to nervous system) Foundation – Parabens (harmful to the hormones) Eye Shadow – Coal Tar (Causes skin irritation) Mascara - Propylene glycol (Toxic for liver and kidney) Nanoparticles: These particles are so small that they go into your pores (blackheads and breakouts!) + can even be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Confession: My makeup bag was the last area that I needed to "clean up".

"The average woman applies over 500 chemicals on their body daily, which our skin absorbs 60-70% of any topical product we use."

-Allissa Marie, Silver Drop Academy

Dirty Dirty Toxins

- "PARABENS (METYL, PROPYL, ETHYL, BUTYL): these are added to prevent bacteria and act as a preservative. They can be found in lipsticks, shampoo, deodorant, lotions, scrubs and more! They have been known to mimic estrogen and have been found present in breast tumors and possibly linked to breast cancer.

- TALC: made up of magnesium, silicon, & oxygen. It can be found in eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, baby powder, body & shower products, lotions, feminine hygiene products, & deodorant. Some talc may contain asbestos which is a known carcinogen.

- BISMUTH: a naturally occurring heavy element found in tin, nickel & silver. It is used in cosmetics to give a shimmery, pearlescent appearance. Many cosmetic companies use bismuth for its binding qualities so the make-up will stick to your skin, hides flaws, adds a radiant glow & is a dirt cheap filler! Bismuth resembles arsenic chemically, but yet is a common product found in cosmetics and has been found to cause nasty rashes, breakouts, & severe acne."- Allissa Marie

Young Living Simple Swaps

"*Savvy Minerals is free from Talc, Lead, Bismuth, Mineral oil, Parabens, Gluten and Mercury. All of their products are made with an amazing standard of purity and quality! Savvy Minerals uses Arrowroot powder and Kaolin clay which are both calming to the skin and help to absorb excess oil and moisture, along with a full variety of naturally derived products made without cheap fillers or synthetics.

*Savvy Minerals is made in the USA (brushes are made in italy), cruelty free and mostly Vegan ( lipsticks & glosses contain beeswax)

*Pro tips: Many of Savvy's products have multiple uses! Use blush for eyeshadow! Mix your favorite shade of blush with Young Livings’ Rose Ointment for a pretty lipstick! Multitasker can be used as eye and brow liner as well as eyeshadow! So many amazing uses.

Savvy Minerals make up lasts a VERY long time! It only takes a little bit and bam you've got great coverage that lasts all day!"- Allissa Marie

No Secrets Here

My mission at JPF is to be authentic and transparent with you. No secrets, no gimmicks. It's just that simple. I feel that if you love what we have to offer- whether products or resources, you'll join in and help your family by creating a clean lifestyle. I believe what you give, you receive back, so even if I'm not making a killing, I'll support my family. That's why I'll continue to show you how it's done, I'll pave the way, in hopes you'll join me on this journey and continue helping your family know and do better.

Today we create lip balm from scratch in my kitchen! YIPEE!!!

You can either make them along side me, by grabbing the ingredients yourself, or you can purchase my lip balm in our market.

*Note: previously we were making our bath bombs with food coloring and in an effort to achieve a clean lifestyle, we no longer add food coloring or dyes.

DIY Lip Balm Recipe


  1. Heat beeswax and coconut oil in 30 second intervals and stir.

  2. Add in Vitamin E and stir. Add oils to "smell" {10-15 drops}.

  3. Allow to set and dry.

Don't have time too DIY? No worries, you can purchase our homemade lip balms in the JPF Market!

Lip Balm Demo


Join Us

Show us what's first to switch for you! Use the hashtag and us in your photos #JPFDitchandSwitch on social media.

The Challenge

For the next 3 weeks, we will be looking in our homes for these toxic chemicals that are free ranging in our homes- from the bathroom to the kitchen cabinets and even sitting on your counters delivering your senses a wonderful aroma that could be harming your littles.

We challenge you this week to take a good hard look at all the things in your bathroom you use every day, those things you use to clean your skin and make you smell nice, they may be causing you and your family harm.


Week 1: Bath and Body {Sept. 9-14}

Thursday: DIY Lip Balm with Lauren + Young Living + Savvy Minerals Simple Swaps

Saturday: DIY Fall Sugar Scrub Virtual Workshop {get your kit here}

Week 2: Household Cleaners {Sept. 16-21}

Blog with info coming Sept. 16th

Week 3: Home Fragrances {Sept. 23-28}

Blog with info coming Sept. 23rd


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Become a JPF Oils Made Simple Member for just $25 today!

Happy Switching,

Kenzie and Lauren

References: Young Living

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