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4 Ways to Decorate Your Diffuser

Hey y'all meet my insta-friend Amanda! She and her family live in OKC. She's so much cooler than me... haha -and you're going to LOVE her style. Amanda is a wife and mom of 4. She used to work as a stylist for Hobby Lobby and now is a freelance home and product stylist. She is a fellow oiler and creator. Her diffuser tassels have made oilers every where LOSE THEIR MINDS!!!

I found Amanda while searching for dreamy diffuser blends when I first started oiling. She always had those amazing dreamy photos and a mid-century modern meets boho-styled home that you just longed to peek into. She has a knack for putting things together and thinking of something out of the box to do with an ordinary object. She is obsessed with house plants and DIYing. You'll be seeing a lot more of her crafty things on our blog in the days coming.

Don't you just love her style!?

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Diffuser Decor

Today, I wanted to show you a peek inside how she decorates her diffusers! She shared these on her instastories. (Seriously, go follow her oily account too- MamaBird.Essentials NOW! You won't be disappointed.)

Amanda was first inspired by the fall diffuser decor when everyone started dressing their diffusers up as jack-o'-lanterns and such. Then it moved into this more sophisticated movement to take something completely out of the blue and put your diffuser in it or on it.

Here are few of the pieces she's found that she's recreated to turn her ordinary diffuser into something a little more magical and one-of-a-kind... Notice above the glowing basket. She removed her dessert mist diffuser dome and placed the base inside.

Diffuser Baskets

*all above images compliments of MamaBird.Essentials

Tips for choosing the right diffuser holder...

  • Choose something that is wide enough to fit your diffuser base

  • Choose something you can get your cord in

  • Choose something that fits your style

  • Choose a container that is easy to access to add water and oils to

  • Find great selections at your local home or craft store like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, TJ Maxx or Home Goods!


Here are some other ways to add a little style to your diffuser!

Elevate your Diffuser

*Photos compliments of MamaBird.Essentials

You can also choose a stand or cake plate to elevate your diffuser!

Hang your Diffuser

Dessert Mist plant hanger I grabbed from Michaels last fall!

Cover your Diffuser

Grab this second one here!


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Happy Diffuser Decorating,

Lauren Jackson


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