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"I hope you find our blog a gathering space to grow you and your family. Kick off your shoes, grab a cozy drink, and stay awhile. Our hope is that you find joy in every season."


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5 Steps to Flourish in 2021

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Goals a really big deal to me, as you know.

You've heard "to fail to plan, is a plan to fail". I agree 100%, so that's why I hosted a FREE virtual goal planning class on Facebook last week. And since people were LOVING it, I decided I wanted to share it all with you guys!!!

Nearly 2 years ago, my husband chose "grow" for our word of the year. A few short weeks after claiming that and 10 very audacious goals for our life, I lost my husband unexpectedly at 29, just 8 short months after adopting our teenage son from foster care. My world was broken, but my having his word and our dreams written down and implementing incredibly healthy daily habits, I was able to cope with grief and begin healing because I had a vision for my life. And, while it doesn't look like how I pictured it, I am so grateful I started with just one little step.

Each day I start my day the same- with a joyful heart, even the tough ones. I started leading women all over the country in doing the same. My goal is to inspire, equip, and empower women to seek joy in every season of life. And, one of those ways is by choosing a word and focusing in on how it can help shape my goals each year for growth in my family, faith, friendships, work life, hobbies, fun, health, finances, home, and community.

I encourage you to come up with a word for your year. This year, I chose flourish. I'll tell you more about that shortly, but I also really want you to understand the magnitude of setting yourself up for success by WRITING your goals for the year. I want you to grasp how this quite literally changed the way I handled tragedy. I fully believe that it is the reason I am where I am today- putting my faith in God, having a plan, and keeping my focus on seeking joy, daily. I want this FOR YOU more than anything.

Are you ready? Friend, let's go!!!


So, what does it look like to flourish?

Taking really big dreams and turning them into really simple steps.

To flourish it means to grow or develop in a healthy way, to thrive, to cultivate order, beauty, and abundance for the common-good of others. Friends, that is what I want this blog to do for you!!!

before you start

{what you need to know}

Supplies: Note pad or journal Pen {the more colorful, the better} What:

At the end of thisDuring this Flourish 2021 Prep Work, you will learn:

  • how to create a mindset of abundance for daily living

  • create a list of celebrations and reflect on 2020 in a healthy way

  • learn what limiting factors and fears contribute to you not being able to accomplish your goals in the past

  • learn how to overcome those limitations and create healthy boundaries for success

  • choose a word of the year, an unique definition, and a theme for 2021

  • brainstorm ideas that focus on your word for goals for your year

  • write SMART goals that you can achieve

  • discover the secret sauce to making big dreams into simple steps for success

Ready for Step One? Get started NOW!


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I so enjoy sharing my life alongside you! I am so grateful to each of you reading and being a part of our life, our farm, and our community!

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Let's grow, friends,


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