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and finding joy in every season is my super power!

I''m Lauren

I hope you find our blog a gathering space to grow you and your family. Kick off your shoes, grab a cozy drink, and stay awhile. Our hope is that you are inspired to find joy in every season.

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A Christmas Gift from Joel to Freddie

So every single Christmas, my husband would paint Christmas cards. One year we were so flat broke simply because I was taking care of him under his family’s roof full time and there was no income. He didn’t want to come empty handed to Christmas, so I suggested maybe we could paint Christmas cards together. And so Joel found is craft.

That craft led to this ref barn painting which was the start of a life on our own as we raised enough money for a down payment for a home.

Painting became a yearly tradition. Last year he painted angels LIVE on fb and I almost “didn’t have time”. And yesterday it hit me, “What if I could take one of his paintings that meant the most to us and make it into an ornament? I could take the all the money from selling Joel’s ornaments and get Freddie something from Joel for Christmas every year!!!”

So... here’s to a new tradition. I will be selling these ornaments simply for Freddie’s gift from Joel- since he’s the one that painted it. Freddie won’t know about this until Christmas morning. How sweet will it be to see a gift that you guys had a part in on Christmas morning from his Dad?!

It only seemed fitting that our dreams of our red barn farm coming true would be on this ornament!

Ornaments will be $15 each or $2 for $25. You’re welcome to give more if you’d like. Shipping will be FREE!

So here’s how to purchase:

1. Go to or send directly to my account at If you need an alternative way to pay, please email me at the email above and I'll be happy to take a check as well.

2. Select amount (1-$15 or 2-$25- if you’d like more, just include that in the note).

3. Please include your shipping address and email address in the notes.

4. Please send as “friends and family” and not as a service or good, to save us the PayPal fee.

Thank you for loving my family so well!!! I can’t wait to share this with Freddie 💕 He’s going to be so surprised!

Please note that I will stop taking orders in a week, so to make sure to get these to you in a timely manner. I will be shipping them by mid December. (They must be handmade and I want to include a card from us, so they won’t ship right away.) PS you can diffuse essential oils on the back side of them 🎄🥰 you’re welcome!




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