All In Means Selling All Out

A few weeks ago I shared a blog where I eluded to selling the farm. Well, it was NOT my plan to sell the whole farm. I was just stepping out in faith to downsize our headcount to make more room in our finances. But, immediately I was asked a handful of times if I would sell it and what I would list it for... that led to some very thought provoking questions.

Freddie and I are at a crossroads in life. I have been praying for godly men to fill Freddie's life- doing life as a single mom with a teenage son who needs to be shown only things a man can teach him is a struggle. {If you haven't read the book Wild at Heart, I truly recommend it to everyone.} I prayed and God delivered... abundantly.

We met some incredible people who have opened doors for us both in all areas of life. I had no idea anything like this existed beyond the Church. These people became friends and mentors for us both. And this is only the beginning!

freedom day

I took Freddie to a pool party on July 4th to meet our crew. That was my Freedom Day for so many reasons.

  1. It was the day I had decided to be accept being coached and mentored by successful people who had the things I wanted in life {extreme faith, the strongest marriages I've ever seen, incredible families, growth-minded, a focus on time freedom, freedom from debt, and a lifestyle of abundance to help others- to name a few}.

  2. My kid flourished in a group setting for the first time in 3 years (since I have known him) with the guys on the team. He jumped right in, like a butterfly coming out of his cocoon for the first time discovering he had wings to soar!

  3. I realized the importance of association and choosing who you do life with- not just people who happen to be in your circle of proximity, but choosing to do life with people who are challenged by growth and excellence, not just content in life, but really truly striving and thriving!

  4. It was the day that started the rest of my life, in hindsight that I couldn't have planned myself, where I took control back of my life instead of choosing to let it and my circumstances dictate where I landed in life.

So... are we moving?!

A few weeks ago, I wasn't sure, but I started praying and just telling God to open doors if He wanted us to move. I knew it had to be clear for us- we have some things that a normal rental company wouldn't look at- 3 cats and a dog over 35lbs for one, and two, financially this single mama wasn't brining in $4500/month to cover their debt to income ratio. I would have been automatically declined before I ever got a real person to look at my application. So, I knew it would have to be a personal connection. We all know this market is crazy! It's hard to find something to rent. But we did know it IS the time to sell!

Right away, I heard from a friend who had a connection to a rental home next door to him (owned by his family) in the general area we wanted to be in, the right size, the right price, ready at the right time, and the BEST part is, he was one of the first guys in our friend/mentor group (the guy who took a pic with Freddie above) who had bonded with Freddie on our Freedom Day! If I had any doubt that God would come through for us, that would have been a neon sign that He is our Jehovah Jireh- our provider!

Well, we went to see the house this weekend. It will be a temporary place for us while we transition to Freddie leaving the nest. It will put us closer to our people! It will get him out of his shell and off the farm which has been our quiet healing place- but also it has been lonely.

Making this move will help him develop into a man, learn people skills, and get him around good godly men- which was the heart of my prayer. Financially, it will help us do what our mentors have been coaching- to get debt free (with what little debt I have), turn my house into an asset (did you know your house isn't an asset until you're no longer living in it?), and help me prepare for the financial of my future family. So, yes... we are moving!!!

"Our Farm is For Sale" blog coming soon!!!

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Sold Out to Freedom

I was on a search for something I didn't knew existed. I needed leadership in my life. I needed community. I needed girlfriends who were real, all in, no-drama, and dedicated to growing in the same ways. I needed people who had been a little further down the line than me, to pull me up, hold me accountable and believe in me more than I believe in myself.

I needed like-minded people who weren't afraid to dream, to push me, to challenge me, because I had a voice inside of me I refused to hush screaming "You've Got More!!!"

Do you?

If you feel connected to this dream or to this vision of helping and serving others, or even wonder if this is something you'd like to do too, reach out to me, let's chat (select "I want to Pursue Freedom" on this form) or hit the little chat icon on the bottom of this blog to message me. I can't make any promises, but I would love to hear your heart and see if I can make a connection to the incredible people that have helped me connect my purpose to reality!

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