An Adventure Meant to be Shared

Pacific Northwest, Hiking, Arch Cape, Short Sand Beach, Oregon, Oregon Coast, Beach, Beanie

I'm sure if you follow me on social media, you've been wondering a few things... Where the heck is Lauren? and Why the world would she leave the farm and fly to Oregon? My absence the last month in prepping and processing this trip was all but typical of me.

In May, I went out the Pacific Northwest for the trip of a lifetime. I rekindled an old friendship and I jumped both feet in, on a plane, and flew across the country to see him. (We've known each other and each other's families since we were tots- 3 and 5.)

This blog is my unique love story of how God meets us right where we are, draws us to Him, and embraces us in our middle. This trip is one that changed my life, forever. I believe life is an adventure meant to be shared. This adventure certainly brought me to my knees and left me in the loving arms of God for comfort for the things I don't understand in my middle. It was the most wonderful trip, and I wanted to be able to share it with you all, because I am hopeful it will touch someone else going through the middle of their own story.

Plaid, Pacific Northwest, Hiking, Arch Cape, Short Sand Beach, Oregon, Oregon Coast, Beach, Beanie
I believe "Life is an adventure meant to be shared."

This was a trip about discovering more about him. I was so excited, because time with him would show me what made him, him. It was a trip about where he grew up, a place I had never been and couldn't even imagine the beauty and wonder of without having spent time there. It was about the things he loved to do, his family, the place he calls home, and his heart. I didn't care what we did, honestly. I just wanted to learn more about who God made him. I was up for anything! In this, you're going to learn a lot about this friend of mine who means the world to me. If you could whisper a prayer for him, that would mean so much to my heart.


The Deets

I left my house early on a Thursday morning about 2:45AM. Of course, after making 2 t-shirts for my Etsy shop customers at 2:15AM. (Y'all know me... always going.) My sister and I had a sleepover (YAY) for the first time in years and watched "How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days" with Freddie the night before. She was staying with him at the farm to watch over things while I took my trip of a lifetime to the Oregon coast.

Don't mind my masked face and my crazy-tired, 2 hours of sleep, running-on-adrenaline eyes!

I boarded and went to DFW for my layover. I had totally forgotten how HUGE that airport was, since I hadn't been there in 15 years. Texas was as far West as I have ever been and Maryland is as far North, so this was quite the feat. I also hadn't been on a plane in nearly 10 years, and I've never had a layover. I am stubborn, so I refused to end up in Oregon without ALL my things. And not being a frequent traveler, I decided to carry 75lbs of luggage in vacuum sealed bags (because a girl has to have ALL THE THINGS, can I get an AMEN?) all over the country. Lesson learned... for future traveling, I will get a TSA approved wheeled bag- the biggest one they will allow. Ya girl does not pack light. And I didn't care!

Ok so here's a brief overview of our trip itinerary, which was 100% a surprise to me pretty much til the day before. I tend to like to have a plan. But I sooooo needed the spontaneity. And, I definitely tried to stay in the present moment, so I don't have photos of every last detail, but I want to share a few places we went, ate at, and enjoyed while I was there that I would recommend!


Noonish Flight Arrived in Portland over Mount Hood

Lunch at McMenamins on the Columbia River (the view of seals in the river were to die for)

Motocross Track in Portland to watch him race

Dinner on the ride to Tillamook which is his hometown

First thoughts "These trees are HUGEEEE!!!" Seriously every tree is at least 3x bigger than the largest tree I've ever seen, even in the mountains Tennessee at my Dad's farm.

Watching him in his element was so neat! I loved getting to be a part of that experience. He's been doing motocross for nearly his whole life until the last few years. And in case you want to know he came in 1st on his practice round and 2nd on the first race. We left early to make it to Tillamook, since it had been a long day.


Coffee at Five Rivers

Breakfast at Wanda's Cafe in Nahalem (anything on the menu is phenomenal, but I got the raspberry waffle)

Hiking at Short Sand Beach

Lunch at The Pizza Garden dockside on the Nahalem River

Pacific Northwest, Hiking, Arch Cape, Short Sand Beach, Oregon, Oregon Coast, Beach, Beanie