Back Behind the Camera

I've been an entrepreneur since I was a kid. It's been in me all along. I was selling lemonade and brownies to the neighborhood kids, and then when I got a sewing machine I was making purses and handmade jewelry by the time I was a teenager. I fumbled my way through traditional education in college, but came out with a business degree in hospitality and tourism. I love doing ALL THE THINGS!!! I can't narrow it down. And that's what makes me as free as a bird. But, that's just who I am. And, working for myself and doing all the things is what keeps me so joyful through the thick and thin of life.

If you're new around here, you may not know, but I used to be in the wedding industry. I had dreams of buying a property, making it a wedding venue and making it an all-inclusive experience.

I started my wedding career in photography. I was self-taught and moved into working with another photographer who became one of my very best friends. Emily and I worked together like a well-oiled machine. She taught me so much about lighting and the technical aspects of photography and I taught her the business side of things.

In 2019, grief and loss met us both at our knees. I lost Joel, my husband and she lost Lucas, her newborn son who was only just over a day old. Together, we took this journey of healing hand in hand over 360 miles apart.

It's been 2 and half years of tears and heartache and pain, but also of love and laughter as our lives have transformed. She now has a beautiful son that's turning a year old next month and I have this farm, the one I dreamed of all those years ago when I started this adventure. It may not look how I pictured it, but life is like that.

If I'm honest, I wanted to wait til I was settled and life was more structured and my family was growing before I jumped back into the field. There's something about weddings after you've lost your husband that is piercing to soul and your heart and you just can't conjure up the strength. And not only that, your heart just isn't in it. Well friends, I'm finally at a place I feel at peace to move into the next season of my life. I finally feel like it's time for me to jump back in with both feet!!!

And... I'm calling this new venture "Grits and Grace Photo"

So, here we go!!! Check out this short video.

I'll be offering family photo sessions at our farm and surrounding areas. AND... I am available to book wedding photography experiences wherever life takes me! I'm so ready to share in your life and love stories and share them with our grits, grace, and granola family! I'm ready to spread my joy and light with the world.

Here's some of my work, in case you want to pass this blog along to a friend or loved one looking for someone to capture this sweet season of life. I would be honored. And, I'm one step closer to making this BIG dream a reality!

As for style, my editing and shooting vibe is best described as joyful, light-and-airy with a punch of contrast!

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Family Sessions

I'll be sharing more throwback and current sessions on our blog, but for now, here's some of my work so you can get a little sneak peek! Farm sessions are perfect for families of all sizes all year-round with our free-range farm of animals from goats to rabbits, chickens to ducks. The kids will have a blast!

Wedding Packages

Wedding Services at Grits and Grace Photo include intimate and full day packages, engagement, bridal, and boudoir sessions.


I'd love for you to join our Grits, Grace, and Granola community for all our updates, events, encouragement, & more!