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Busy but not too busy!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Ashley and I had the best time hosting a 3 day Yoga & Oils for Busy Lives Challenge! It was a huge success, but several people wanted it in writing to refer back to. We got you all covered!

We understand that life is crazy and every season is a busy season, but don’t neglect your self care! We are excited to share with you how we incorporate meditation & yoga into our lives in just 2-10 minutes a day and how these simple acts have changed so much for us and how it can help you. We are also sharing how we use our oils in our practice and all the benefits of those too.

We began with Ashley teaching us about the importance of starting the day with a positive mindset:

"Let’s chat about a small portion of my morning routines. What better way than to show you how I make time for gratitude and affirmation in my car in the mornings on my way to work.

Monday mornings are a hot mess for me even though they are my favorite day of the week (weird, I know). As I drive to work I take this time to really zone into self by saying out loud 3 things I am grateful for and personal affirmations to help build my self esteem for the day.

We are all juggling so many different tasks, we have to find a way to balance making time for ourselves and accomplishing all the things on our never ending to- do lists. Out of all the many poses out there, I want to to share three of my favorite to help with balance.

  • Tree Pose

  • Warrior I

  • Warrior II

Before I start my practice, I like to use essential oils to help me focus on me and my body. Today I am using Lavender, Lemon and Frankincense Young Living Essential Oils to help me with uplifting and grounding feelings while concentrating on my practice and letting everything else go for a brief amount of time.

Showing up for you is what matters and I’m so proud you took that time to do so.

***After thought, I don’t always have time to do multiple poses in a day so I will choose one to focus on. All you need is a few seconds in one pose to make a difference.****

Do you feel guilty taking breaks? I totally used to experience this same thing, but we live and we learn!

You shouldn’t feeling guilty! I have leaned small breaks in-between tasks help my mind refresh and move forward onto the next task.

I enjoy using citrus oils to help uplift during a short stretch and reset after a very overwhelming task.

How can you use small breaks to help you today?"

Ashley talked about how she does her grateful statements and affirmations in the morning, aloud in the car. For me, I don't have any morning quiet time because that would mean getting up before my babies at like 5:30. I value sleep way too much for all that!

All that to say, how or where you do it isn't what is important. What is important is that you make the time for it anyway. "Quiet time" doesn't always mean quiet, at my house it means INTENTIONAL time.

It is intentional that after making my to-do list I say out loud " I get to _____" instead of looking at my list of things that have to get done and measuring my success based off of that.

  • My mindset is always the worst when I am stressed out! The poses I am sharing with you help alleviate stress in the body and promote balance! I am no pro, I am just sharing what I love and what I know can help others. (If you don't know how to do any of these poses I encourage you to make google your bff, you wont regret it and youtube has some awesome beginner series options!)

  • Cat Cow pose

  • Legs Up the Wall

  • Bird Dog

Like you, I don't have a lot of time during the day to put into my practice, but because I know how much it benefits me I find ways to do a few poses everyday. I have found that I really love doing these specifically at the end of the day, it helps rid my body of whatever stress I am carrying around and I sleep so much better!


Join here, open through the end of the month!

In Health,

Kenzie Byrd

Kenzie Byrd

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