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Children are Work

But it's not what you think... What I am talking about goes out to those, like me, that used to believe children are a distraction from work. Whoa, whoa whoa! What? Yeah, I know. What do I mean, "used to believe"? They are a distraction! How on earth can I possibly get anything done with tiny little hands reaching for keyboard or a bored teenager asking for more snacks?? I am with you! I get it! However, I want to talk a bout it a little more...

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Hey, friend. What if we get wild and decide that our babies aren't a distraction from work but they are the ultimate work we are called to. Are your eyes as big as saucers at me right now? When I was first presented with this thought, mine were too. I felt personally attacked. Are you trying to tell me that I don't work hard enough at loving my kids? Or are you telling me to stay in my lane because you don't want to see me succeed at work "outside of the home?" I felt defensive and defenseless all at once, so I am asking you not to go there. Hear me out first. Please?

This is what I think is true:

  1. As mothers/parents God is trusting us with His creation.

  2. There is work in the home that only we can do.

  3. We can work, while knowing that the most important work we do is in the way we raise our babes.

Do you disagree with any of those statements? Then why are we instinctually so ready to argue when someone speaks such big truths? I think it is because we are afraid. At least, I think that is my reason. I am afraid that if raising my babes is the most important work that I have to do on this side of heaven, well then what happens if I am not up to the task? What if I fail? What if I don't meet a deadline or I fall short? A child's life is now in the balance... GRACE. Grace happens, friends.

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Don't get me wrong there are definitely jobs that are important, jobs that save lives or bring new life, jobs that spread the gospel, and jobs that are God ordained. I just happen to believe that being a mother falls into all those categories (don't at me). I know infant CPR and keep them from hurting themselves or each other about 3247 times a day, I totally created life (with the help from the ultimate Creator), I teach them how to say their prayers and how to talk about Jesus, I think that I was intentionally made a mother to my little Byrds. Ya following?

Yes, they are distracting! I will not fight you a minute on that. Yes, they are actually really hard work. Yes, they test me and it is not easy. So I guess when I said " but it's not what you think" way back at the top I was a little mistaken, I meant it exactly like that... Children are work. And you, mama, YOU are the mama for the job. Go & do good work. Go & make disciples.

Keep Unapologetically Momming,

Kenzie Byrd

Kenzie Byrd

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