Ditch the Plug Ins

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Air fresheners do anything BUT freshen air!

My husband and I got in an argument at the mall this weekend over "wallflowers". He's the kind of man who likes a home to smell nice and he's been a little slower to buy into the whole "oily" lifestyle. I responded with "you have to be kidding me?" Which was probably a little aggressive, but this topic is one for some aggression!!

They pollute it with "fragrance" that disrupts the brain and causes headaches, causes respiratory distress (including asthma and allergies), irritates the skin, AND messes with your reproductive system including your hormones. So, while I appreciate my home smelling nice, plug-in's are NOT the way to accomplish it.

Why the BIG Secret?

Remember how we talked about cleaning products that don't even have the decency to tell us the ingredients in their products? Well, the issue continues with plug-ins; you also can not find the information on the company website, and they will not disclose over the phone. HOW SCARY?! What they will do is send you an email with THREE things listed. Those ingredients are color, fragrance, and Dowanol TPM. How vague can you be? And what is the BIG SECRET? Based on that list, the one I haven't heard of was Dowanol TPM.

Side Effects:

This is what I found:

"May cause mild transient eye irritation; May have anesthetic effects; Prolonged or repeated overexposure may cause kidney and neural injury; [CHRIS] Commercial product is a mixture of up to 8 isomers due to the position of the internal ether being linked to either the primary or secondary carbon atoms; Category members demonstrate LOAELs of 1,000 mg/kg/day (highest tested dose) in 13-week oral studies of rats for increased liver and kidney weight without corresponding histopathology; No hematotoxicity observed; [Reference #1] May cause mild eye irritation; Excessive exposure may cause anesthetic or narcotic effects;

Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Used in ballpoint pen inks, felt-tipped pens, inkpads, oven cleaners, coatings, rust, paint, and varnish removers, and in penetrating oils; "-Dow Chemical MSDS

I fear what I do not know, and not knowing those ingredients is enough to keep me from purchasing from that company again. Join me, friends and protect your home by ditching these toxins.

Common Dirty Ingredients:

Here is a list of more common ingredients you will see and what harm they have the potential to cause:

Benzene – a toxic solvent from coal tar

Camphor – Hazardous waste (on EPA list)

Dichlorobenzene* – an insecticide, carcinogenic, pesticide and increases rates of asthma

Ethanol – a carcinogenic

Formaldehyde – Poison

Naphthalene – a carcinogenic

Phenol – poisonous compound

Phthalates (there are many chemical types) – an endocrine disrupter – Known to cause reproductive problems, birth defects, and hormonal abnormalities.

*1,4 – Dichlorobenzene is an ingredient in many air fresheners. This chemical diminishes the sense of smell. It makes people think the odor is gone but in reality the sense of smell is being chemically altered. The chemical is also being inhaled into your body. This chemical is known to be a carcinogenic and a pesticide.


DIY Plug In Refill



1. Pull the which out by using the pliers and pulling upwards gently.