DIY Essential Oil Diffusing Succulent Terrarium

This weekend I hosted my very 1st in-person workshop at our farm. But... I also hosted it online for our JPF Family afar. That means we shipped mail-order succulent kits to participants around the country, so no one missed out.

For years I've created content for our blog and followers from my studio and my kitchen and shared it with our online community. Because, we were not in close proximity to family and the majority of our friends and village, this made it possible to share our lives and market and videos and all the things with everyone with no limits. But, now that we are moved and settled, we've had to work things kind of backwards. Which isn't surprising for me one bit. Instead of figuring out how to create an e-commerce market and brand with an established brick and mortar, I'm having to figure out how to implement my real life farm into my already-established virtual community. So, bare with me, as I wing it!

Below you'll find the LIVE workshop experience, a shorter version for those who just want to DIY, a list of supplies to DIY or host your own class, and my recap thoughts.

See the Live Workshop Experience

DIY Tutorial

{Shorter Version}

Set Up

Finished Products

Host a Class

Here is a list of the supplies I used for this class, in case you want to host one yourself!

🌿 All supplies can be purchased at your local garden and/or crafts store, or on Amazon (links below).

* Succulents 20 standard Mix

* Succulents 12 Premium Mix

* Large Hanging Globes

* Terrarium Mist Glass Spray Bottles

* Label paper

* Soil, Moss, Rock Combo Kit {great for smaller classes or mail-order participants} OR

* Soil

* Moss

* River Rock


* Mist Label Template + Care Tips

🌿Young Living Oils <<< If you're an oil lover, you'll love our oil blog


*Tea Tree

Virtual Class

🌿Pro Tips:

If you want to host a virtual class of your own, here are some tips to make your life a little easier.

I shipped 3 different packages to my participants

  • Globes {Shipped directly from Amazon Prime to avoid shipping fees and packaging}

  • Soil/Moss/Rock Combo Kit {Shipped directly from Amazon Prime to avoid shipping fees and packaging}

  • The third package included the succulents, oils, terrarium mist, succulent care tips, a Start the Oily Life Guide and a hand written note.

What I've Learned

Juggling the live video along with an in-person workshop was neat because it allowed people to have a glimpse of what a live experience looks like. And I think it allows guests who had time or scheduling restraints to view and enjoy it, but also long to be apart of the in-person workshop. I think in the future, I will offer a time for the live workshop on the event and then also schedule a brief online only version, so that way I can keep track of both sets of guests, answering questions and being attentive to everyone. I enjoyed wrapping up the online experience and sitting with my in-person guests. Hospitality is my gift and so it doesn't surprise me one bit!

This was an incredible first experience, and I can't wait to host more. And, there's always room to grow.

Up Next...

10 Days to Finding Freedom

{Virtual Class}

Get your tickets now!

This class will include 10 days of LIVE training and support, challenges, feedback, empowering private community. The topics of for each day include:

  • Foundation {Defining your support system and values}

  • Future {Defining your goals}

  • Function {Implementing Systems that will help you tackle all the things in life- organization to schedules}

  • Finances {Simple budgeting}

  • Fun {Planning intentional time for fun in your life}

  • Food {Meal planning, grocery lists, and prep}

  • Family {Expectations, creating fun contracts that help you implement rewards for yourself and kids}

  • Faith {Living and believing, releasing fear of failure}

  • Fitness {Implementing exercise and movement on your level}

  • Freedom {Giving yourself grace and realizing your worth}

Back-to-School Survival Kit

{In-Person and Virtual Workshop}

Get your tickets now!

Your DIY Kit Includes:

  • 3 DIY Kid Friendly Roller Blends {Tummy, Focus, + Sweet Dreams}

  • 2 DIY Mama Roller Blends {Be Well + Mama Breathe}

  • 2 DIY Essential Oil Foaming Hand Soaps {Lavender + Lime and Thieves}

  • 2 DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets {One for each parent and child}

  • Sample Oil for your jewelry

  • Kid's choice of Tote Bag   *Additional children are $15 each and include extra materials for their choice of an additional roller blend (from the 3 children's blends), EO Diffuser Bracelet, and tote bag.  

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Have questions? Contact us via email at

Happy DIYing,


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