DIY Start Today: Dream Challenge

As you know, I've been through the toughest days of my life in the past week, losing Joel. I was given this sweet gift, the Start Today Journal by Rachel Hollis, as a gift for Christmas from Joel and my sister (with the inspiration behind it from Kenzie). The fact that these 3 (my 3 best friends in the world) gave me the best gift ever, is something I hold dear. At the time I received this gift, I thought this little journal was AH-MAZING! But now, knowing that I started it just before my life circumstances would completely fall apart, I know it was part of a bigger plan. God knew I would need to write out my dreams, for when I was facing this storm that I would cling to those big visions and keep reaching for consistency that would make them happen. I encourage you to write your dreams, say them out loud and believe them, make them happen. Here's the step-by-step process that Rachel has used to make her dreams happen, along with our added personal dreams and thoughts and we turned this into a dream board challenge, where we took our 10 dreams and made them into a dream/vision board LIVE!

You can catch the entire Start Today Instructional here on her podcast for FREE! Rachel will walk you through the entire book, so you just need to grab a journal, any journal and get to dreaming!

In case you aren’t familiar with the Start Today Journal:

"The Start Today Journal is the physical manifestation of a process Rachel has done each morning for the last several years. It is a daily tool to help you keep your dreams and goals top of mind and in focus. You'll begin with a step-by-step guide to figure out exactly where you want to go: think of it as a vision board in journal form! Then, each morning the journal asks you to be intentional about three core things: gratitude, dreams for the future and one major goal. By starting every day by setting your intentions you'll be shocked at how much quicker you make traction on personal and professional goals.”⠀⠀⠀

We are walking with you through the entire challenge for FREE! And then, we will take it one step further by sharing our dream boards with you as you create yours.

Step #1- Fill in the Blank Questions (and you can answer here or to yourself): 1. The best version of me is __________. 2. I am the best version of myself when I'm __________.

Lauren: Ahhh... I'm about to let y'all read my mail. Are you ready?

1. The best version of me is persistent, motivated, and encouraging. 2. I am the best version of myself when I'm rested. I am the best version of myself when I have a plan of action and make it happen- when I practice what I preach with my family and my business.

Kenzie: Sharing my heart is hard, guys! I just don't tend to be a vulnerable person, however it's time.

1. The best version of me is thoughtful, attentive, and organized.​

2. I am the best version of myself when I'm grounded. I am the best version of myself when I have a plan and can keep things according to schedule- when I map out my ideas and FOLLOW THROUGH. I am best when I don't let minuscule things distract me from my goals- when I persist despite distractions.

Step #2

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Start imagining your life and what it looks like. Rachel asks these questions to get you started... "What is the very best version of yourself doing? What does she look like? How does he go about his day? How does she speak to people she loves? How is she loved in return? Are you a great cook? Do you love to read? Do you love to run? Where do you go on vacation?"

The more specific, the better. Try and write out at least 10 things you envision for your life.

Lauren- In 10 years I see myself... - Owning a world-renowned bed and breakfast on a farm, known for loving and authentic hospitality. - Our online blog and market has 100 vendors, 50 guest writers and 15 consistent collaborators. - I have helped hundreds of small business Mamas grow their entrepreneurial dream, providing education, resources and workshops to empower their vision to be home with their family and become independent financially, not dependent on a job outside their home. I have helped them execute their unique plan. - I donate $3000 each month to a cause close to our heart. - I am debt free and support my family with no financial worry. - I am a mom to 4-5 kids. My kids love to be home and love spending time with me, even when they are grown. - I have taught Freddie how to be loved and how to love and be a great dad. - I am a rested wife. Joel and I are best friends. We do not depend on the government assistance (the best friends and the no longer dependent on government assistance, are already accomplished since I wrote this a few weeks ago). - I am an encouragement for women all over the world. They are drawn to the light inside of me through my words about parenting, motherhood, rest, being a wife, a friend, and grounded in faith. - I lead retreats at our bed and breakfast for marriage, family, and women entrepreneurs. People come from all over the world to be there and is always sold out in the first few days.

Step #3

Ok it's time to write your dreams down into realities! I know it's scary, but seriously, write down your 10 dreams.

No restrictions. Here’s how- You are going to do something crazy, you're going to write these as if you've already made them happen, as if you are living that life. As if they are WHO you are in present tense. Why? Because if you say them as if they are part of your life, you will make them a priority- you will make them happen. You will make daily decisions that make them true. You won’t say “I’m debt free with $10,000 in the bank.” And then go open a credit card this afternoon because that doesn’t make that statement, that dream a reality. Imagine that the dreams you are writing are the life you are currently living. Be specific. These are the dreams that make your vision a reality.

A few of Lauren's- 1. I am an exceptional wife. 2. I am an understanding and caring mom (so I won’t lose my cool when he doesn’t understand the same math problem we’ve done for the 5th time today). 3. I bought a farm bed and breakfast (my lifelong dream). 4. I host an inspiring and authentic podcast (ah this one scares me- I'm not even lying). 5. My life is organized because my planning systems ROCK! (This one motivates me to make sure I’m not only creating these systems but I’m practicing them everyday.)