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This is LONG overdue, but I wanted to have everything done before I shared this post... for one, because my kitchen is my pride and joy. I've been in the kitchen since I was 4. Yes... I've always loved to cook. When girls were buying ipods and new kicks and the latest fingernail polish, I was stashing china away in my hope chest as a teenager. Though my taste has changed over the years, the kitchen is still my favorite room of a home. It is where creativity is birthed from our hands and consumed by our stomachs! It is where we gather and enjoy a meal. It is where we get to share our talent with those we love most. It is where love is created.

Our home was built in 1953 by the Chandler family who owned a wholesale nursery on Pine Acre Farm. After the Chandler family, the Williams family grew their family for 4 generations over 50 years in this home. And in March of 2016 we bought it and began to make our own memories.

So here is our farmhouse kitchen renovation- and all the juicy details that mean so much!

See the brick  behind the stove? Keep that in mind, because that was hand-laid by Mrs. Williams.

The photo below is taken from what used to be a porch and was a sunroom/breakfast nook when we purchased it. I have since moved the door to another wall to make a door to access our laundry room. And now, this is my office {another blog for another day}. Notice the bar and the wall though!

 This wall was removed to allow Joel (my husband) to have access to the kitchen and open the space.


Process photo:


And here is the final product!!!! We were on a tight budget, but totally made it work just fine. Please also keep in mind... this is NOT a show house kitchen. I live and breathe in this kitchen and I did not alter it to get a "good shot". I wanted it to feel lived in and authentic. I did not de-clutter. If you show up at my house... most likely this is what it will look like with a few more dirty dishes. So here goes!

We removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Added a faux beam to hide the exposed ceiling. And had a friend find the perfect chipped gray corbels to finish it off!

We removed all of the cabinets with the exception of the pantry (which I painted).


Farmhouse Sink from Ikea {$312}

Cabinets and counter tops from Ikea

Drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby {$4.50/each- a fraction of the cost of most standard pulls}

Open Shelving stained in walnut (Just common board from Home Depot) {$10/8' board}

Shelving Brackets from Hobby Lobby {Seriously $3/each}

Antique Coca Cola Crates re-purposed into Spice Rack from Girl Pickers on Etsy

Pendant Lantern light fixtures from World Market {$100/each}

Blue Mason Jar over sink pendant from Lamp Goods on Etsy {$90}

Our old electric stove was found road side.

The refrigerator was a sweet gift from the seller's realtor as was the farm signage with our name on it! Sweet sweet people!

Recessed lights from Lowe's

A gently used dishwasher and microwave 

We put up white painted brick paneling on the walls {$26/8'x4'}

Added backsplash to tie in the gray and rustic look.

We also purchase the old Chinese washtable  circa 1900 off of Craigslist for $60, added leg extenders and chalk paint {I'll share my chalk paint recipe with our subscribers real soon} it to match the pantry.

I painted the window with some paint we had left over from another project.

 And yes, those are the original stools from the 50's!

Oh how I love the contrast of the white and walnut! And what is a farmhouse kitchen without jar drinking glasses?

 I can't even explain how handy these drawers are. We only have 2 cabinets... yes 2 (and under sink storage). And, we have plenty of room because these drawers make it happen. And if you ask me how much I mind my uppers being exposed... I'd tell you... it's my favorite thing about our kitchen besides our sink. I can literally keep everything organized and never have to worry about losing items in a dark corner in a cabinet and find it 5 years later.

 We mounted our microwave a little higher. Though I'm only 5'2", I can still reach it and I don't have to worry about bumping my head. Plus my stove is illuminated more because there isn't a dark space.

Remember that brick from the original kitchen? Behind the stove.... so here it is! We re-purposed it to keep a piece of the history in the house.

These knobs are from hobby lobby too!

Let's talk about this gorgeous blue mason jar, y'all!

I just love my baking/coffee shelves! It's pretty and functional!

And that knife strip! AHHH!!! Ikea y'all.! Enough said!

 Did I leave an element out that you're dying to know where I got it?! Just comment below. I'll be happy to direct you.

Do you love our kitchen renovation?! Please feel free to share, ask design advice, or follow us for more on home decor in the future! We love to hear from you.

I'll leave you with three generations of our family having a beautiful time in our kitchen! {From the left: me, Lauren Jackson, Lisa- Joel's mom, Virginia- Joel's Nana}


Joel and Lauren Jackson

Jackson Pine Farm

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joel and lauren jackson


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