Farmhouse Kitchen Flip

This is LONG overdue, but I wanted to have everything done before I shared this post... for one, because my kitchen is my pride and joy. I've been in the kitchen since I was 4. Yes... I've always loved to cook. When girls were buying ipods and new kicks and the latest fingernail polish, I was stashing china away in my hope chest as a teenager. Though my taste has changed over the years, the kitchen is still my favorite room of a home. It is where creativity is birthed from our hands and consumed by our stomachs! It is where we gather and enjoy a meal. It is where we get to share our talent with those we love most. It is where love is created.

Our home was built in 1953 by the Chandler family who owned a wholesale nursery on Pine Acre Farm. After the Chandler family, the Williams family grew their family for 4 generations over 50 years in this home. And in March of 2016 we bought it and began to make our own memories.

So here is our farmhouse kitchen renovation- and all the juicy details that mean so much!

See the brick  behind the stove? Keep that in mind, because that was hand-laid by Mrs. Williams.

The photo below is taken from what used to be a porch and was a sunroom/breakfast nook when we purchased it. I have since moved the door to another wall to make a door to access our laundry room. And now, this is my office {another blog for another day}. Notice the bar and the wall though!

 This wall was removed to allow Joel (my husband) to have access to the kitchen and open the space.


Process photo:


And here is the final product!!!! We were on a tight budget, but totally made it work just fine. Please also keep in mind... this is NOT a show house kitchen. I live and breathe in this kitchen and I did not alter it to get a "good shot". I wanted it to feel lived in and authentic. I did not de-clutter. If you show up at my house... most likely this is what it will look like with a few more dirty dishes. So here goes!

We removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Added a faux beam to hide the exposed ceiling. And had a friend find the perfect chipped gray corbels to finish it off!

We removed all of the cabinets with the exception of the pantry (which I painted).


Farmhouse Sink from Ikea {$312}

Cabinets and counter tops from Ikea

Drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby {$4.50/each- a fraction of the cost of most standard pulls}

Open Shelving stained in walnut (Just common board from Home Depot) {$10/8' board}

Shelving Brackets from Hobby Lobby {Seriously $3/each}

Antique Coca Cola Crates re-purposed into Spice Rack from Girl Pickers on Etsy

Pendant Lantern light fixtures from World Market {$100/each}

Blue Mason Jar over sink pendant from Lamp Goods on Etsy {$90}

Our old electric stove was found road side.

The refrigerator was a sweet gift from the seller's realtor as was the farm signage with our name on it! Sweet sweet people!