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It's been 3 years since we purchased our little farmhouse in Jacksonville, Florida. You've watched countless DIYs, cooking shows, and demodays in my sweet kitchen, but you've all been dying to know what our entire house looks like... So for the first time EVER... I'm revealing our before and after photos of our entire property, my very first farmhouse flip.

In the future, I do plan on going through each room and detailing everything, but I'll just hit the high points here... and finish it all because at the end, if you stick around, I have a little surprise for you! wink wink

Oh, and we will be taking offers on this sweet piece of property until Sunday, April 7th at 8pm! So get those offers in. You literally cannot find 4.6+ acres of land in the city, with a country-feel for this price. Here's the listing. Open house is today, Saturday from 11-1pm. Stop in and have a farm fresh cupcake!

A little history: (if you care to know)

We purchased our sweet farmhouse in March of 2016. You see, I had married my husband (and love of my life) in 2013, whom after a car accident had been paralyzed from the neck down in 2009. I had taken over his care completely on my own when his step mom had gotten ill and needed my help. I found a way to be compensated for his care (if only for a small portion of it), so we could at least begin to imagine life on our own. But the greatest part of this story is that he is the reason we have this house. Our story went viral in October 2015 and he painted a still life scene by mouth of what my dream looked like... a barn, a red barn with this phrase "never give up, nothing is impossible" on it. He sent one to anyone who made a $25 donation or more to our home fund. From that alone, we were able to secure $6,000 for a downpayment for this house.

Now a little about the house. It was a wholesale nursery in the 1940s, from my understanding. Which explains the beautiful greenery with ferns and magnolias all over the property. There is a single pine tree left on the land, and the property is located on Pine Estates Road East. Hence where the name of our business derived from, oh how I toiled with that name and then when it came, it was like I knew that's it!

The homestead was built in 1953. It included the portion of the living room on the west side of the fireplace. There was a stove in the center of the house, where the linen closet now resides, to warm the home. The Williams family bought it around 1966. They had 2 young children- Fran was one of those. She is no grown and has kids and grandkids of her own, of course. Her, now husband's (all the way up from my neck of the woods in South Carolina) father, built this fireplace and enclosed the front room of the house. Isn't it stunning?!

Fran's mother was the cook. Her daddy worked long hours in the garden and in his workshop, lovingly called "the ruckus room" where Fran used to roller skate as a girl. Hogs were raised here and Fran will tell you the funniest story of how, one day, they followed her to school (across the street) and she was so embarrassed. Her daddy and his friends would sit around the front room and play blue grass music (I had literally hung my guitar on the wall the day she told me this by happenstance- fore warning... I don't have a musical bone in my body, but I encourage anyone who can play, pick it up and give it a whirl, that is why it hangs on our front wall). There was an old smoke house where we now have a fire pit, where food was always the gathering tool to bring people together, in this home, whether by the Williams or by us.

One special element we wanted to attribute to Fran's mother is the added brick column, just between the kitchen and dining room. Those same bricks, as you will see, were behind her stove. She laid each by hand. When we took them down to create the entire wall made of "brick", we saved them to cover a supporting beam. I was so excited to reveal this to Fran years ago after we finished the kitchen remodel.

Ok, ok... enough of me chatting... here's to the great reveal. Each of these is before and after.


We removed the screen door here to show off the beautiful wood door. We added window boxes to the front windows and have since repainted the metal awnings.

We took down the large Camilla "bush" in the front and a hurricane took out the tree in the front and we replaced it with a memorial tree, a magnolia, for our wonderful friend Paul, who did a ton of work on our farm. If you're looking for it, you'll notice "flying pigs" in various places, one for Paul who would make whatever outlandish design ideas I had a reality (he believed in me) and two for the hog farm this used to be with the Williams family.

Ruckus Room

This was the "Ruckus Room" and the workshop below.

It's now known as the "Cottage". Fran gave us the French doors out of her current home and Paul and Kevin made a frame and put them on the cottage. The barn doors were fall off when we took possession of the home, so they are now braced, have full supports and are insulated. They also found a customer who wanted to "get rid of" these new windows and I had the perfect place for them. So, the cottage got brand new windows! I had one door, which was a previous entry, that I wanted to repurposed and mount as a fixed door on either side of the French doors. So, Kevin made me a copy of it and those are the X frame doors you see here. He also made complimentary shutters for the windows to match! We added the barn lights too! Oh and of course it got all new hardy board siding, which I sponge painted by hand for this distressed look. It's also fully insulated, with a Mac daddy window AC/unit.

Here's what the inside looked like when it was used as a bridal/guest suite. My sister actually lived in there for a few months. It's now being used for storage.

Ok... side story! While Paul and Kevin were cleaning up from the madness of the cottage the uncovered something buried under the ground just beside the cottage. It was this sign. Now, the lady who used to live at the back of the property was one of Fran's grandparents. Her name was Ms. Love. Because we knew that and we had planned to do a few weddings here, we had Paul custom build a table, the vanity fixed to the wall, out of this old metal sign.

Living Room

Here is the living room, including the front room addition, before which included lots of paneling (which we repurposed in the walls of the cottage) and some odd little cabinet that wasn't secured to the wall. There was a hallway leading to the rooms, but we exchanged that little hall for direct bedroom entries (for ADA purposes) and barn doors, because why not?!

And, here is after! A little white paint, new ceramic wood look tile floors, a lot of leveling and sweet moments added to our family wall.


Here's the famous JPF Kitchen from all my shows... just kidding. This is the before! We removed very piece from this except the flooring and one large cabinet, we use as a pantry.

Here we replaced the cabinets with open shelving along with the walls which now are a brick look. We added backsplash, all new counters, cabinets, a 1900s Chinese wash table for a island, new pendant lights, a mason jar light over the sink, recessed lights, new ceiling, a dishwasher, microwave, coke crate spice rack and over microwave storage. Oh and we also removed a non-supporting wall that divided the kitchen and adjacent rooms, to open it up..


This is the sunroom. There used to be a door here, but we transferred it to the adjacent wall for access to the laundry room. And we added another door in the dining area for direct access for Joel, my husband, which also included a very discreet concrete ramp.

* Do you see the brick column in the last photo?! We also added the corbels.

Dining Room

This is where the dining room was prior. We removed the wall between the kitchen, added the rear door, added a linen closet where there was wasted space from the old stove, and transferred the light to its appropriate place over the new location over the dining table.


The bathroom needs to be ADA accessible for my husband, so we converted the tube, expanded the space.

We added dual small barn doors, added all new flooring, subway tile, a new vanity and mirror, a new towel rack... aka an old chair back, and I added cages to the old light to make it look rustic and industrial.

Bedroom #1

I actually used the old window we took out in the rear for the door and mounted over the bed.

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3

More Exterior and the Creek

Fun things are always happening on our little farm. We have a duck, 4 chickens and as of this week 2 baby chicks. Kona aka Little Mama has also decided she's done sitting still and wants to mama these babies, so we are incubating a few more ourselves to finish her job. We are hoping the new owners love these birds, because they have certainly made this place their home. And we don't want to take them away from the farm.

Now you may be wondering... why the world are they selling this? Well, even before Joel had passed we had talked about moving, just amongst ourselves. We moved to Florida for better health care for him. We found it here in Jax. We found an incredible team at Brooks rehab that pushed him. But he was ready to grow. He wanted to be pushed again. So we prayed and we prayed. We prayed for expansion for our business. We wanted to put roots down somewhere we could dive in with other local vendors and small businesses, and ironically we would never have wanted to move home, for the health care would never meet the demand of what Joel needed, but the bulk of our connections and vendors for the JPF Market are at home back in South Carolina. My family and our friends are there. And I need a village to raise our teenage boy. Don't you agree?!

So, here's to the next owner of our wonderful place! If you have half the love and joy my husband and I shared in this place, that will be plenty. We have had countless strangers dive in to help renovate that became friends, hundreds of thousands of laughs and late night pillow talks and dreams unending. But, it's time we make space for something bigger. My dreams were too small. My box, to square. As Joel said, it's time to grow.

And for those of you who decided to stay put, I'll give you this... I am going into the interior design business... again. That's right... I have an education in interior design and business administration (in hospitality and tourism), and 9 years experience as a photographer. I've prayed and traveled back home and consulted with all my former colleagues and design professionals about this concept and the need for this in the upstate of SC, and I literally am jumping up and down at the thought of being able to do this for other families... making a farmhouse, a farmhome!!!!

I don't have all the details yet, but if you'll pray with me, I would love for you to! I'm sure we won't launch this portion until we are settled back home, but by the looks of it, that will be sooner than we think. We are so blessed and grateful that within the first 24 hours, we have received multiple offers on our home and the open house it TODAY! It feels as though my husband continues to give me what I need and he is helping us chase this dream. When he first told me that our living room looked like something out of a magazine (y'all we basically had dirt floors for 2 years and this was then), that was just the first of many winks from God pointing me and directing me to something bigger than myself.

If you're interested in keeping up with my design services, please email me at with the subject line "JPF Interior Design Services". I will send you an updated newsletter with all the info, once it is established. And I do plan on doing this online as well, so it's not limited to my area. So, please don't let that scare you. I just haven't figured out how to make it all connect just yet.

From our home to yours,


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