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and finding joy in every season is my super power!

I''m Lauren

I hope you find our blog a gathering space to grow you and your family. Kick off your shoes, grab a cozy drink, and stay awhile. Our hope is that you are inspired to find joy in every season.

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From My Kitchen to Yours: A Journey of Love and Delicious Recipes

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A lot has changed around here over the years, but one thing hasn’t… cooking and baking is and has always been my love language to others. It's the number one thing that I get requested to share. I've been in the kitchen since I was 4, creating home-cooked meals that are still etched in my childhood memories. But the most exciting part for me? Dreaming of the day I’d pass that same act of love to my kids.

One of the worst things about cooking is meal planning. Yep, those endless hours searching Pinterest and my favorite blogs for recipes I can tweak and make my own… do you know what I’m talking about? Navigating for the right one is my least favorite part. I know you guys have access to the blog, but a lot of times, these recipes live in my phone and I never get them published (because LIFE😅).

So, I’ve decided I’m not gonna wait any longer. I am going to open my drafts to you guys, giving you access anytime “in the process” and in-real-time! Which means you’ll have access virtually to my cookbook when I am creating a brand new recipe BEFORE I even post it!

Inside this cookbook, you’ll find our favorite recipes for the whole family—kid-approved ✅. These recipes are a blend of family staples, Pinterest finds and tweaks, and special ones passed down from generation to generation.

This cookbook will include:

  • Mouthwatering Brunch Dishes

  • Crowd-Pleasing Main Courses

  • Scrumptious Sides

  • Decadent Desserts

Grab a copy of my virtual cookbook for simple and southern recipes for the whole family today (while I’m still adding and backlogging old ones)! Grab your copy here! I can’t wait to share my kitchen adventures with you and help make your meal planning just a little bit easier and a lot more delicious!

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We so enjoy sharing my life alongside you! We are so grateful to each of you reading and being a part of our life and our story! We hope to be part of yours, too! And, we'd love to connect.

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