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Guided Meditation: Personal Mission Statement

It's no shocker that I'm totally a sucker for personal-growth, goal setting and daily practices that make my life a little less chaotic. Less chaos means more creativity flows- at least for me.

I recently started dabbling in guided meditation, first through Rachel Hollis and then just leading them myself. I felt- hey that makes sense and I've accomplished some major longterm goals in the hardest and most tragic year of my life and I feel like I have something to offer the world- and YOU!

I hope you enjoy this guided meditation and the mission statement that follows. Feel free to print it out before. Grab a journal and pen and find a quiet place to get cozy.

Guided Meditation

Mission Statement

This mission statement tool is meant to help you take the vision for your life and put it into words, so that you begin living the life you want to create. You can always come back to this and rewrite or tweak it once a year or so. Hang it up somewhere where you can see it regularly.


So this one tool/meditation is a part of a larger scale challenge we are doing this month. I'd love for you to join us and learn more.

First 30 Days Tools:

My prayer is that you will begin this journey of self-discovery and personal growth with us and not just make resolutions but real, sustainable changes that become a lifestyle you’re proud of each and everyday for your family.

How we start each day is sooooooo important. It literally sets the tone for your entire day.

Can you relate? Have you ever gotten up on the wrong side of the bed and it destroys everything? What about when you are intentional with how you start your day? How does it feel when you start your day off on the right foot?

Watch the Video and print the Daily Gratitude Tool

This is the daily practice I do every single day in my journal. Feel free to print it or journal it yourself.

There are 24 hours in my day and in yours. How do you plan to use them?

I'm so glad you've decided to embark on this journey with us. I don't want to over-complicate your life. You have enough responsibilities already. In fact, I want less for you.

Who has ever told you that? That they wanted less for you? Doesn't that feel good!?

In order to make room for more abundance in your life, you have to de-clutter, prioritize and set your focus. That begins with vision. You have to have a clear vision of what you want for your year.

These tools will help you cast the vision for your life for 2020 and help you achieve those goals. Watch the video and open link for Values, Dreams, + Goals. You can use this as a guide to print or you can write it in your journal.

*As you write your goals, I want you to write them as if you have already achieved them. This is something Rachel Hollis does to make her act as though they are already a reality in her life. Therefore, if they are her reality, she will act like she has already achieved that goal, sho she will show up and act like it.

For instance, instead of saying, "I want to be a great wife." I'd rephrase it, "I am a great wife." Make sure to write I am and We are statements, NOT I will or I want.

Each week I start my week with this handy-dandy tool. It gets my eyes and heart aligned with my brain and it is so helpful to know I have a plan and I know what to do, even when I get stuck.

//Jot this down in your journal and then share a pic of it below. Let me know what you thought about putting it on paper.//

We will be doing this each Monday during this challenge. I can't wait to encourage you in your journey! I'll also be doing a Weekly Reflection on Saturdays.

I want to introduce something new to you. It's called the "daily pause". I think we all need a moment to breathe, a moment to sit in our feelings and reflect. We need to be in touch with those things, and I think that often in our fast-paced, instant gratification world it is rare that we take inventory of what's happening around us instead of letting life just happen to us.

I call this the daily pause. When I get frustrated, overwhelmed or anxious, I need a pause. So do you. When you feel yourself get to that place, what do you do? How do you cope? I want to encourage you to get grounded- get outside, with some fresh air, feet on the ground and slow down. Even if it's just 10 or 15 minutes, just pause. Hear the sounds of nature, people watch, and think. Pause and reflect.

It's not just when we are over-stimulated but also when we just need to sit, unplugged and think about our day. When is the last time you just unplugged and sat in quiet for a few minutes? How often do you do this and how does it make you feel? For me, it makes me feel in touch with my mind, in control of my emotions no matter the circumstances.

Oily Tip:

Here are some oils you can use as a way to help you get grounded and slow down.

Stress Away: Overwhelmed

Peace and Calming: Overstimulated

Valor: Underestimated

Citrus Fresh: Tired and depleted

Lavender: Enraged

*all these oils come in the Premium Starter Kit and are great for emotions


Place a single drop in the palm of our hand then circle it with your finger clock wise. Place hands to cup mouth and nose and breathe in. Let yourself feel the negative emotions of your frustration and then breathe it out. Breath in the oils again and say "I am free. I am enough."

This fun Habit Tracker Tool is something we will all use to keep track of the habits we are creating for 2020. Today, I want you to write down these 5 habits. You may alter them if you choose or just add some personal ones you'd like to start as well. For one person, each of these may look different as you personalize them.


1. Daily Gratitude

2. Mediation - devotional of your own, our group devotional, or your own practice

3. Daily Pause

4. Personal Growth- did you listen to or read anything to help you grow? If you participate in this group challenge everyday this month, then you should never miss a day!

5. Wellness - did you do something for your emotional, physical, or mental health?

I'm a big fan of simplifying. So, if you don't add any, that's ok too! Keep it simple. You can always add more next month.

Get creative and colorful with this one.

This week we focused on "starting where we are". This week we focused on gratitude, defining our values, our dreams, and our goals. We helped you create a habit tracker that would help you visually see your progress. If you are behind or haven't done these, this is the time to catch up and gear up for a BRAND NEW WEEK!

Finally, I want to introduce self-care as a topic in health and wellness. I want you to indulge yourself today. Become truly aware of what makes your heart sing.

For each week, I want you to make a "date night" or day for YOU. I want you to dedicate an hour or two or three to things that help you reconnect with who you are and who you want to become. So many times we deplete ourselves with all the roles we play in life and we never even consider ourselves. I want you to dig deep and really make YOU a priority.

Sometimes this means you will be alone working on something and other times it means you will be with others, connecting and drawing closer in relationship with other close friends or family. Below is how we will begin compiling your list of things to work towards in making time for yourself- to reflect, to make room for growth and transformation over this year. These are projects and passions and self-care that invigorate YOU! Write the first thing that comes to mind. Don't dwell on it- you can always add to it once you complete each thing. Be spontaneous and write things that make your heart truly sing. In your journal complete the following phrases (it can be one word or a few)- Self-Care Bucket List<<< You can print this too. Feel free to make your own phrases. These are only suggestions.


Want more FREE personal development tips and tools? Join our Exclusive FB community. Follow us on Instagram. And take our First 30 Days Challenge anytime. 

If you do any of these things, I'd love to hear all about your experience and see all your lists and tools. Send them to me at or tag me on social media @jacksonpinefarm

happy goal setting,

Lauren Jackson

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