Guided Meditation: Personal Mission Statement

It's no shocker that I'm totally a sucker for personal-growth, goal setting and daily practices that make my life a little less chaotic. Less chaos means more creativity flows- at least for me.

I recently started dabbling in guided meditation, first through Rachel Hollis and then just leading them myself. I felt- hey that makes sense and I've accomplished some major longterm goals in the hardest and most tragic year of my life and I feel like I have something to offer the world- and YOU!

I hope you enjoy this guided meditation and the mission statement that follows. Feel free to print it out before. Grab a journal and pen and find a quiet place to get cozy.

Guided Meditation

Mission Statement

This mission statement tool is meant to help you take the vision for your life and put it into words, so that you begin living the life you want to create. You can always come back to this and rewrite or tweak it once a year or so. Hang it up somewhere where you can see it regularly.


So this one tool/meditation is a part of a larger scale challenge we are doing this month. I'd love for you to join us and learn more.

First 30 Days Tools:

Define Your Why

My prayer is that you will begin this journey of self-discovery and personal growth with us and not just make resolutions but real, sustainable changes that become a lifestyle you’re proud of each and everyday for your family.

Start a Daily Gratitude Practice

How we start each day is sooooooo important. It literally sets the tone for your entire day.

Can you relate? Have you ever gotten up on the wrong side of the bed and it destroys everything? What about when you are intentional with how you start your day? How does it feel when you start your day off on the right foot?

Watch the Video and print the Daily Gratitude Tool

This is the