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How-To: Diffuser Jewelry

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It's not a secret I'm a jewelry lover. I adore handmade jewelry. There is something nostalgic about creating something and seeing people wear it. For nearly 2.5 years I had a jewelry subscription line that featured pieces my crew and I made by hand every single month. We shared the art of using the jewelry as an essential oil diffuser and now, it's time to enlighten all you jewelry lovers on the ins and outs of it. Here is everything you need to know about diffuser jewelry: what to use, what tools you need, what oils and applications and a bonus mommy and me how-to for making diffuser bracelets from our very own Mackenzie Byrd!

There are several mediums you can use in jewelry making that will provide a surface porous enough for the jewelry to be used for aromatherapy and topical application.

Diffuser Mediums


I first started making diffuser jewelry out of leather. It's simple, easy to manipulate and shape. Leather comes in a variety of colors and textures which makes it the most fun, in my opinion. I would recommend a medium weight leather, something easy to cut but not flimsy. You simply add the oil to the "back side" or the suede of each piece. The oil will last 2-3 days and you can change it up again by just adding a new essential oil. My fave leather shop is PeggySueAlso on etsy.

Lava Beads

My second medium of choice were lava beads . I had never seen them before, but was fascinated when I realized how many different colors, shapes, and sizes I found them in. They are fun and festive and can also be used solo as a dramatic piece.

Wood Beads

Coming in close behind lava beads or perhaps a rival for second place for me are raw unfinished wood beads. While they come in fewer color options, they do have various size and shape options. Plus, I just love the natural look of them.


Something I found more time consuming but also super fun was unfinished self-hardening clay. This is pretty versatile because you can create whatever styles or shapes you want and you can add detail with paint, but there is a limited amount of color you can add as it is either a gray color or this adobe color when finished. I don't mind it, because it's super Bohemian. You don't want to coat it with a gloss because that will seal it, taking away its diffusing properties.

Embroidery Thread or Fabric

I nearly forgot this one, because I rarely use this medium, but you can also use embroidery thread to make tassels or macrame pieces. These take a little practice, but the end result is gorgeous. In the same way you use leather, you can also use fabric, but it's a little harder to work with because it doesn't keep the shape you need it to overtime.


I have never used cork to diffuse oils on, but it is also a porous surface you can use to make jewelry with. I may use it in the future, but with so many options, you have so many to try! Here's an awesome DIY Wine Cork Bee Earring design to follow.

bee earrings, wine, cork, diffuser earrings, diffuser jewelry
Compliments of: Instructables

Other Tools of the Trade

Just Add Oils

Here are a few ways you can try to apply oils.

1. Jewelry Misting Spray Recipe

  • Top with Water

  • 1 TBSP witch hazel

  • 20 drops Essential Oil

This doubles as a body spray, but simply spritz the diffuser pieces and wear!

2. Jewelry Roller Blend

  • 10ml Roller Bottle

  • 10-40 drops of Essential Oil

  • Top with Coconut Oil

Roll the blend over each diffuser piece.

3. Just Add Oil

  • Simply add 1-2 drops neat (undiluted) to each piece of jewelry

4. Two for One

  • Simply add 1-2 drops neat to your skin and then wipe each diffuser piece through the oil. Then you get the topical and aromatic benefits of the oils.

Lauren's Fave Oily Combos

  • Happy Day: Valor, Orange, + StressAway

  • Road Rage: Peace and Calming + Valor

  • Mama Breathe: StressAway + Lavender

  • Harvest Peach: Valor, Cedarwood, Orange


DIY Diffuser Bracelets: Mommy + Me Edition

by Mackenzie Byrd

Last week Elizabeth and I made bracelets! There are so many benefits to teaching your toddler this skill! It improves fine motor skills, threading beads can help to strengthen the small muscles in children's hands as they grasp different sized beads and cord/string. I’ll tell you how we did it!



  1. Cut 11 in section of the elastic beading cord and triple knot one end.

  2. String wood beads! Or teach little hands to string. For us, this skill took a minute to master. Elizabeth did best when I held the end and let her handle the bead and we worked together. I think she would have been able to do it alone with larger cord/twine. (But for 2 she totally rocked it!). If you want to cheat a little for smaller holed beads, you can use a beading needle.

  3. Tie ends together, tight! We do 3 double knots. Pull from both the inside and outside of the bracelet so it's all secure.

  4. Optional: Let the kiddos paint beads. This is an awesome 2 for 1 option.

I chose wood beads because they can be used to diffuse essential oils and my girl can use all the calm! For older kids a mix of wood and lava beads, like mine, would be another alternative. Lava beads also diffuse very effectively.

*Please be aware beads can be a choking hazard.


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