How-To: Diffuser Jewelry

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It's not a secret I'm a jewelry lover. I adore handmade jewelry. There is something nostalgic about creating something and seeing people wear it. For nearly 2.5 years I had a jewelry subscription line that featured pieces my crew and I made by hand every single month. We shared the art of using the jewelry as an essential oil diffuser and now, it's time to enlighten all you jewelry lovers on the ins and outs of it. Here is everything you need to know about diffuser jewelry: what to use, what tools you need, what oils and applications and a bonus mommy and me how-to for making diffuser bracelets from our very own Mackenzie Byrd!

There are several mediums you can use in jewelry making that will provide a surface porous enough for the jewelry to be used for aromatherapy and topical application.

Diffuser Mediums


I first started making diffuser jewelry out of leather. It's simple, easy to manipulate and shape. Leather comes in a variety of colors and textures which makes it the most fun, in my opinion. I would recommend a medium weight leather, something easy to cut but not flimsy. You simply add the oil to the "back side" or the suede of each piece. The oil will last 2-3 days and you can change it up again by just adding a new essential oil. My fave leather shop is PeggySueAlso on etsy.

Lava Beads

My second medium of choice were lava beads . I had never seen them before, but was fascinated when I realized how many different colors, shapes, and sizes I found them in. They are fun and festive and can also be used solo as a dramatic piece.

Wood Beads

Coming in close behind lava beads or perhaps a rival for second place for me are raw unfinished wood beads. While they come in fewer color options, they do have various size and shape options. Plus, I just love the natural look of them.