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Have you ever thought of starting your own online business from home? Me too me too!!! In this blog I'm going to share with you how I got started and then I'm going to offer you the opportunity not only to join me but also other entrepreneurs. How fun is it that we can grow together?

My goal in all my business endeavors is to inspire you to live your best life, equip you with tools and resources to make that happen and empower you to do the same for others. That certainly doesn't change in business. I want to inspire you to take the leap and start something you're passionate about, equip you with coaching and training to be successful in your personal and business life, and then empower you to help others grow too!

LIVE Biz Coaching from My Team

My story

I had to learn to make a living from home via social media, because I had to! I knew one day we would live independently but I had no clue it would be NOW. I’m so glad I started all those years ago building the foundation that is now sustaining us through JPF.

Now, I want to share this platform, my family’s legacy with you. That means whether collaborating or growing your team, I want to share this entrepreneurial journey so neither of us are out there doing it alone.

For me, I run JPF {Jackson Pine Farm- the farm, the brand, and the blog} and I also have my own Young Living business. Young Living fills the gap of wellness with our holistic, homesteading brand. It allows me to reach more people, helping more families, and share wellness with them through a chemical-free lifestyle. Because Young Living offers over 700 products that meet a need residually, it also enables me to help other mamas start a business with no experience and no education- just a love for the product that is changing the lives of their family and finances.

So why do I need Young Living? YL is the vehicle that can help make my financial dreams and professional goals a reality. I'm no longer trading time for money once I am able to create this foundation which becomes residual. It can open up expressways between my present and my future. It's the quickest way (not that there is a trick or a "get-rich quick scheme") to propel my dreams into reality.

Let's Talk Money. No one wants to talk about money 🤭 So, I’m going to talk about money.

This compensation plan works!!!

  • First off... this is a product everyone NEEDS and already buys. You get rewarded 10-25% back just for buying what you already would at the store. There are no stock requirements. 

  • You make 25% off any enrollment for the first 3 months, a $25 bonus if they sign up with a PSK, a $15 bonus if they place a second order of at least $100.

  • You get paid on 5 levels starting at 8%.

  • You get rewarded in gifts too- for helping others, plus free promotional items every single month.

  • The average income for the 4th rank in 2017 was $2100/month and for the top paid rank is $145,000/month. I cannot make that in a typical "small business". So, this was a no-brainer for me.

  • This money is actually will-able- which means the legacy build will not only be inherited by my family but will continue to take care of them when I’m gone without having to lift a finger. What is better- life insurance that I pay into for 30 years and get a one-time disbursement of $150,000 or $145,000/month that keeps coming in with no "extra work"?!

Before you start a business...

Love the Product. You cannot share something you do not LOVE. None of us (my team) had ever planned to "run the business". It just kinda happened. Actually, we were ALL opposed to it. So, what happened?! We fell in love with the product. And then we shared the product because, what else do you do besides tell someone else how awesome something is when you find something AMAZING?! Oil. Share. Repeat.

For those considering starting a small business, I want you to realize this is no typical MLM. Why? I want you to realize that there are products for every.single.person. From newborn to the elderly. From women to men. Oh and pets too. And your home. Young Living is eager to become the ones-stop-shop for every family with a strong emphasis on transparency and purity. I don't have to reinvent the wheel pleading for people to buy toothpaste, soap, or solutions for health and wellness- because people are already spending money on these things. All I had to do was educate them that there was a better way!

Be Authentic.

Whether you're a new business owner or you're wanting to start your own MLM, you cannot “follow the rules” of an MLM or the old ways of business. You must disassociate yourself from that word and those ideas altogether. You have to be edgy, be authentically you. Stop thinking you have to change your entire life to reach people. You know plenty of people. In fact, the first step is to gain the trust of people before you ever try and sell to them.

Do NOT be salesy. I will never ask you to print off your fb friends list or phone list and reach out to people telling them about this new journey-yuck. Sorry not sorry! You’re not going to be reaching out to random people you haven’t spoken to in 10 years. That's weird, right? You’re not going to be the weirdo that posts products to their personal feeds. No! No! No! Actually if you take my business coaching class and do, from this point on I’m calling you out on it. Tell me a time a promotional stock photo started a personal relationship... don’t do it!!! Enough with the biz coaching for now- I need to save some material for teaching-jk.

Just be YOU- I’m doing this the JPF way- not the way my up line is doing it. Why? Because this is who I am. 

I created this vision- normalizing the use of oils and chemical free living. You have to find your own way. You have to do it YOUR way.

I made these FREE educational and business groups to help you learn and share with others so you don’t have to do it all by yourself!!! This is me. This is the JPF way!

#1 Rule: People before product. You have to love people FIRST by building relationships. You will not be converting your fb and instagram to a biz account. You’re NOT selling a product. You’re selling WHO YOU ARE already are right NOW! The person who people already love. Doesn't that feel like a load off?

Your Target Market is YOU!

People just like you! Ever heard of the Law of attraction. Basically when people see you and they like you, they find that "me too" moment and they come to trust you, they automatically assume that if you like something, they will too.

Build trust >>> share and help them solve a need in their life >>> win for everyone! 

Are you Ready to Grow Your Biz?

In this 90 Day GROW here are a few things you will learn

  1. Personal Growth- understanding why you’re doing this and finding that one thing you cling to when it gets hard. Because, it will not be a easy.

  2. Social Media Flip- content created to be genuine, authentic and exciting- consistently!!!

  3. FREE Instagram Edit Hack Class

  4. Creating a unique vision and mission statement, biz plan, and set goals

  5. SOOOO much more.

What are you waiting on? Join our GROW Your Biz group today and learn with us.

We will also be learning and following in the footsteps of those before us like Lindsay Teague Moreno who built her entire 6-7 figure/month income ONLINE- using Young Living to be a vehicle for her other businesses. I'm telling you... you can make it YOUR OWN! No education, no experience. Learn as you go. We got you! 

Start TODAY.

The bus is leaving and you want to be on it. We will NOT fail. We will fall, and then we will get back up and grow again. I’m going to make 6 figures a month because my town needs this, my family needs this and so does yours because when I help you, it helps me!

  • Give me 1 month to fall in love with the product

  • 2 months to make your investment back and a paycheck

  • 3 months to change your lifestyle

  • 6 months to change your life- your outlook and your daily life for the better

  • 1 year to believe you can do this and we aren’t stopping! 

Join our FREE Ditch and Switch Lifestyle Group on Facebook anytime.

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Happy Hustling,


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