Key Lime Drop Cookies + HomemadeLimade

It's no secret around here I love fruit. And... I love my essential oils. I also love to host, bake, cook and serve people. It's my gift for sure.

A couple months back, we held a little get together at our farm for home and gardening. At that event, I served lunch and dessert. Because I know feeding people is key to keeping people. I made these yummy Key Lime Drop Cookies and I since found a delicious Limeade recipe that kinda taste like a Mojito without the liquor. Any chance to combine all my favorite things, in the warmth of spring, I'm in! I'll share this goodness with you today!

I will be sharing recipes weekly on this blog- both from the app and from the ones we try and add to our faves. But, I will be sharing even more often in our fb group. Want our Cooking Club updates? Make sure and join our JPF Family Fb Group and subscribe to our blog below.

Key Lime Drop Cookies with Lime Vitality Oil

These sweet and tart little cookie bites are perfect for your family gathering in the spring or summer months!

Drop Cookie:

1 package Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix

1 stick Butter

1 egg

15 drops Young Living Lime Vitality essential oil

Key Lime Filling:

  • 2 oz cream cheese

  • 6 Tbsp butter

  • 3 cups powdered sugar

  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla

  • a little bit of milk for thinning the icing

  • 1-2 key limes for garnish

  • 20 drops Young Living Lime Vitality essential oil


  1. Preheat oven according to "drop cookie" instructions.

  2. Make the cookies: Mix cookies according to packaging. Add Lime Vitality Oil.

  3. Use a mini muffin tin, place about 1 TBSP in each round. Push your thumb down to create little pie shaped cookies to later add the key lime filling.

  4. Place them in the oven until light golden brown. Let them cool in the pan.

  5. Make the icing: Place all ingredients in mixer and whip.

  6. Remove cookies from pan and place on plate or cooling rack.

  7. Place icing in piping bag (Or, you can use a large Ziploc bag with pressed to one corner without the zip and cut a very small hole in it. Squeeze the air out of the bag and twist the bag. I demonstrate in the video below.) Pipe the icing into the cooled cookies.

  8. Optional: Add very small lime pieces to garnish. I cut thin round slices in half moons and then twist them.

  9. Place in air tight container and store in refrigerator to keep.


Little tip: If they seem too hard, place a wet paper towel in the container overnight. They will use the water to moisten.

Recipe and Photo Credit to Unskinny Boppy

Limeade with Lime Vitality Oil

These sweet and tart little cookie bites are perfect for your family gathering in the spring or summer months!


6 limes juiced

1 lemon juiced

1 1/2 cups agave or honey

2 drops Young Living Lime Vitality essential oil

*Optional add 1 drop Spearmint Vitality essential oil

6 cups water

*Optional add some lime or lemon slices and mint leaves


  1. Mix all ingredients and chill. Enjoy!

Video Demo of Lime Recipes

Happy Eating,


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