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Mom Truth Monday

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Welcome to Motherhood! “When a child is born, a mother is also born.” You’ve never done this before, you’re brand new to this big exciting world of motherhood! Everything is unfamiliar all of a sudden and all the comforts you once knew are different somehow. Just like when that baby leaves the womb and enters the world you left the comfort of self and became “mom”. It’s crazy how we spend 9 months, or more depending on the situation, preparing for a baby and absolutely no time preparing for the birth of a mom.

There are so many things I’ve discovered in my almost 3 years of momming and the most earth shattering is that I am so unprepared. There is so much no one told me. To be trying my hardest with so little experience, most of what I hear is unsolicited advice. The thing is I crave help from other moms, but what I despise is judgement and most “help” comes across with a twinge of judgement. Clearly, I should totally have this thing down even though I’ve never done it before! That is what inspired my favorite of all time hashtag, #momtruthmonday. Mom truth that I’m learning and I want to share, things I expect to be judged for and want to hide- I’m owning, truths that inspire my momming and hopefully inspire you.

I want to unapologetically mom. I am tired of saying I’m sorry for my decisions as a parent. I don’t owe anyone an excuse.

It’s okay if you breast feed or bottle feed.

It’s okay if you feed your baby jar baby food.

It’s okay if you make your own or go with Baby Led Weaning.

It’s okay if you had a c-section or vaginal delivery.

It’s okay if you adopted or fostered.

It’s okay if you shop organic or not.

It’s okay if you gentle parent or use time out.

It’s okay if you say no.

It’s okay if you allow screen time.

It’s okay if you have imaginary play.

It’s okay if you want to have some alone time.

It’s okay if you “sittervise” or supervise.

It’s okay if you read all the books or none.

It’s okay if you don’t make them make their beds.

It’s okay if you do.

It’s okay.

You’ve never had a baby before, and the mom truth is when they turn 2, you will still be learning because you’ve never had that 2 year old before…. and that is not going to change until they’re 100!!! You will always be their mom and you will always be learning.

So, hi I’m Kenzie! I’m the mom of Elizabeth, 2.5 years and Nolan, a year next month. Yep, 18 months apart. Yep, we did that on purpose. Nope, I’m not sorry! I wanted to write this to inspire you to tell your truth and stop saying sorry.

I am also married to an active duty sailor, meaning occasionally I parent alone. I am super “crunchy” but I don’t judge if you’re not. We love getting outside, but I don’t hate screen time. I love really bad reality tv and allllll the personal development books I don’t have time for, haha.

I hope you’ll keep reading, I’ll be here cheering you on. Go, mama, go!

Keep Unapologetically Momming,

Kenzie Byrd

Kenzie Byrd

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