Mommin' Ain't Easy

Okay, come sit with me, grab your lukewarm cup of coffee and let's chat about this mom thing we're doing. Yeah? I am so glad you're here to sit with me in this hard stuff, you know, mommin' ain't easy. Legit, it's no joke! But let's get really real about some things. I say this with allll the love I have in my heart, once we know better, we have to do better.

I didn't know.

I wasn't paying attention,

I didn't realize it was my job.

I was duped by marketing tactics.

The body wash, the candles, the face wash, the scented plug-ins, the baby lotions, the household cleaners, the toothpaste, the laundry detergent, and the makeup. My every day items. My babies' every day items. I just didn’t know.

Then someone told me. Now I know and I can't un-know. I can't unlearn all the things. Slowly, I started to ditch & switch. Just one product at a time. Not all at once, not even all in a year, honestly. A few things at a time. The first thing was the dangerous baby products. Next some cleaners, then some more. The dryer sheets, and the makeup. Baby steps. One. Order. At. A. Time. That's all it takes

Friends, a lot of things about momming is so stinking hard, ditching the toxic products, that doesn't have to be hard.

Do your research too... Don't take my word for it. It doesn't hurt my feelings because I know YOU are the gatekeeper of your home. You are responsible for your health, your family's health, and telling the people you love about what you learn. That's what I am here doing, telling you what I am learning.

One final thought mama, YOU are in charge of their health and wellness. No one else. You get to teach them to be empowered and how to treat and respect their own bodies. YOU get to make the call. YOU were made for this. God knew, there is no better mom in the world for your babies than YOUUUU!

How cool is THAT?! You get to be the gate keepers of their bodies, until they can be that for themselves. And every single day you are setting an example and teaching them what is ok.

You get to decide what you feel is best for them, based on your mama instincts. 

Listen to those instincts. Trust them, and do some digging and research if you feel called to do so.

I find it especially empowering to know what I will and won't allow, and I feel equipped to change my mind and know when that is the right thing to do, too.

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Keep Unapologetically Momming,

Kenzie Byrd

Kenzie Byrd

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