Natural Remedies for Eve's Curse

As women, we all strive to feel rested, have moisturized and glowing skin, and maintain a healthy weight and take care of our bodies, have healthy hair, and bowel functions, not to mention balance our emotional wellbeing while juggling all the balls life gives us in roles as a mom, wife, student, sister, friend... cook, maid, homesteader, provider, doctor, comforter, and disciplinary. There are soooo reasons that your health and wellness may fall below the wellness line. It's time to take action now to support our body's systems so we can continue to live our best and healthiest life.

In this blog, we dive into supporting your endocrine system aka ALL THINGS HORMONAL! Learn more about supplements that provide support to different organs in your endocrine system and complementary oils.

"When our hormones are out of balance, it can contribute to migraines, insomnia, weak bones, weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings, infertility, and low libido, to name a few. Hormonal balance can also affect the way we handle stress. Over time, these hormone imbalances can lead to rapid aging and increase the risk of disease.

Your body is constantly working on the difficult task of keeping your system in balance. Stress, poor diet and food choices, inadequate sleep, synthetic hormones, genetic factors, and less active lifestyles can all throw hormones out of whack and create health problems. But there is good news! Young Living has some essential oils and other products to support your body in this delicate balancing act!" - GROWorkspace


Myth: If it's on the Shelf it's Safe

We are so wrapped up into modern-day medicine that we forget that God made so many things for us to take care of ourselves. I'm not bashing modern-day medicine, but we are so easily in habit of reaching for the pill bottle or packet and not thinking about the repercussions for those actions. In this blog, I hope to help inspire you to think about the things you're exposing yourself and your children to as you face them growing up. Don't rely on medication and the trust of a world consumed with pharmaceuticals to treat and prevent. Do your research. Weigh the facts. Consider the consequences and the side effects. Know better and do better.

Your body is a temple. It is a gift. It's your responsibility- from what you feed it to how you treat it.

Not going to lie- this topic is not something I've got a great deal of knowledge on. I am a student of this new lifestyle, just like you. I never had to take anatomy in high school and quite honestly, I just did whatever the doctors told me without second thought. I started birth control at the age of 16 to regulate my hormones and help subdue the pain of my cramps. I took pain killers on top of the birth control- 4-5 at a time. YIKES!

As I started this oily life, I realized that as I learned more about the unregulated markets that US families are subjected to, I became passionate about learning more. The more I learned the more I realized I couldn't "unlearn" it; by that I mean that once I had the knowledge that I was just being a blind, ignorant person falling into consumerism, I felt betrayed by the lack of protection of my family not only from my government but also in myself for my family. And that is when I realized I couldn't help but share what I had found with other mamas and women. I felt it was my job to empower other families to realize the need to be a gatekeeper for their homes.


The Dangers of

"Normalizing" Modern-day Medicine

Birth control isn't the only pill that you should consider dangerous for your body, but from personal experience here are some facts.

According to Medical News Today, the use of birth-control pills may increase the risk of long-term health problems such as these:

"Cardiovascular problems

Combination pills can slightly increase the risk of cardiovascular side effects, such as heart attack, stroke, and blood clots. These can all be fatal.

The risk is higher with some pills. A doctor can advise on suitable options.

Anyone who has uncontrolled high blood pressure or a personal or family history of blood clots, heart attack, or stroke should ask their medical provider about alternative methods.

Cancer risk

Female hormones that occur naturally, such as estrogen, are thought to affect the chances of a woman developing some types of cancer. It is therefore possible that using a hormone-based method of birth control could have a similar effect.

Ovarian and endometrial cancer: These appear to be less likely among women who use the pill.

Breast cancer: There appears to be a slightly higher chance of breast cancer developing in women who have recently been using the contraceptive pill, and especially if they started using it during their teenage years. However, after 10 years of not using the pill, the risk appears to be the same as for someone who has never used it.

Other factors may play a role, such as a woman's age at starting puberty and menopause, her age at her first pregnancy, and whether or not she has had children.

Cervical cancer: Long-term use of the pill has been linked to a hig