Oils Made Simple

My first oil kit arrived over a year and a half ago and it sat... for MONTHS. I didn't touch it.

Oils seem scary, no? What's all the ju-ju, holistic mumbo, toxic-free life about? Curious but uneasy about try them? That was me. No worries, friend.

Along with my friend Stephanie, I was able to start my journey to understanding oils. She's my go-to, my guru, my mentor. And we wanted to create something for people who were just like me. Intimidated and scared. Un-educated but curious.

We have just created an incredible

lifetime oil club membership

that will empower you with all the know you need to not only start an oily life, but will also walk you step-by-step through each oil and how to use them.

In this club you will gain full access to our Oils Made Simple, self-paced course which will explain:

- Oily lifestyle

- Young Living brand difference

- Sustainability and Quality

- Process by which oils are tested and made

- Uses of each oil including recipes, DIYs, and daily life

- Ditch + Switch Challenges

What's Included

All this comes hand-packaged and shipped to your door:

✨ a Lifetime JPF Oils Made Simple Membership {which is basically endless recipes, DIYs, and info on oils and wellness} 💧  Samples of each of the 12 oils in the Premium Starter Kit  🌱 Lavender 🌱 Peppermint Vitality 🌱 Lemon Vitality 🌱 Peace + Calming 🌱 Valor 🌱 Frankincense  🌱 Thieves Vitality 🌱 Citrus Fresh Vitality 🌱 Raven 🌱 DiGize Vitality 🌱 PanAway 🌱 Stress Away ✨ DIY Materials for Starter Units including roller bottle blend and bath salt soak ✨ Thieves household cleaner sample ✨ Exclusive access to self-paced course with how-to's for benefits and oil uses ✨ Regular DIY recipes, blogs and free resources ✨ First look and dibs in our virtual DIY Workshops ✨ Optional add on DIY sugar scrub or DIY candle Fall Online Workshops


 🌱 Adorable packaging + Handwritten card

🌱 Start the Oily Life mini book   Become a JPF Oils Made Simple Member for just $25 today! Our course opens Monday, September 2nd. You may enroll at anytime.  

*This community is only available for non-young living members. 

Want the Membership for Free?

Wait... maybe you're ready to take the plunge and just get a FULL Premium Starter Kit for yourself... you'll still get a full lifetime a JPF Oils Made Simple Membership for FREE (without the samples) plus a sweet hand-packaged welcome kit from me. What's there to lose?

Get your Young Living Premium Starter Kit


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Happy oiling,