Our Story: The Wedding {Part 3 of 3}

Nearly 10 years after the day we met and one day shy of  7 months after Joel proposed, we were finally about to tie the knot. But, it wasn't an easy ride. It was long and rocky. During our engagement, we had considered premarital counseling, but no one could explain how to tackle this life to us. We just had to jump and know that God was there leading us; no matter what! I had read in every premarital book on the market, counting one Joel and I read one together, but they didn't tell me how to prepare or even touch what we have endured or what we were about to call marriage. Regardless, we were so ready. We were ready for that day to be one another's for the rest of our lives. And ready for all the marriage and intimacy had to offer.

I couldn't sleep the night before, it was like a caffeine high. My poor sister was on bride duty and had to entertain me at breakfast as soon as the hotel in the small town of Greer, South Carolina started serving at the dark hour of 5 am.

I wasn't a bit nervous... just READY!!!

I handmade everything, from invitations to favors. I had poured my heart and soul into fabricating my wedding belt and bouquets. There wasn't an ounce of our day that didn't have our personal touch on it.

The details:

The dress: Oh the story of the dress... It rarely snows in South Carolina, but it did the day I picked out my dress in February. I was just going to "look" at David's Bridal. My sister and one of my mothers-in-law were with me. I found a few I wanted to try. I tried the first one on and it began to snow. Joel sent me a message in that moment telling me it was snowing and I was in disbelief. Sure enough I put on my red boots and I really liked the dress that I did not intend on buying, nor did I think it was what I wanted. I tried 4 or 5 on and decided to put my 2 favorites on again. The snow had stopped until I put that dress on AGAIN! It was my Gilmore Girls moment! I rang the bell and bought the dress! It was perfect.

The red boots and red barn: I had always known I wanted to be married in a red barn and red boots... elements of red were included, as the color red always reminded me of Joel's love for his Georgia Bulldogs!

The necklace: My locket had a photo of my great grandmother and my great aunt who had both passed who meant the world to me. The locket was an antique in gold with accents of coral and blue with a blue swallow pendant.

The belt: Well it speaks for itself. Also handmade. I just have to have a little color in my life!

 The flowers:  All of our flowers were hand picked and wrapped by me. I wanted silk flowers so I could cherish them forever and display them in our room. I chose a white sunflower as the centerpiece because Joel used to eat sunflower seeds when we were younger and they became my favorite flower. It had a pink and rhinestone cameo brooch to suit my old soul. I used pinks, ivory, and blues anemones, peonies, hy