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"I hope you find our blog a gathering space to grow you and your family. Kick off your shoes, grab a cozy drink, and stay awhile. Our hope is that you find joy in every season."


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Step 5: little by little

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People write goals all the time, but they don't always achieve them. Perhaps they seem too big. Perhaps they don't have all the resources they need. Perhaps they get distracted, don't have accountability, or just can't stay motivated.

In this last and final step to goal-setting, I will help you break down your ONE big focus goal, into bite size chunks to make your goals feasible and achievable.

Are you ready to finish strong?

I also designed a few flourish products now available in our etsy shop with you in mind!

Final step!!!!

After you break down your Road map, I want to challenge you to think small and have fun!!!

1. Write down 3 small action steps you can take this week towards your goal. 2. Make a list of ways you can have fun to keep yourself motivated and invite others along for the journey!

Did you LOVE Flourish?! If you LOVED this system, I want to invite you to join our Flourish Community along with other growing girls! I hope you'll join us! We are better together!

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Join Grits, Grace, and Granola for weekly how to projects, encouragement, community & more!

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I so enjoy sharing my life alongside you! I am so grateful to each of you reading and being a part of our life, our farm, and our community!

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Let's grow, friends,


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