Step 3: choosing a word for 2021

Remember 2 years ago, my husband chose "grow" for our word of the year. A few short weeks after claiming that and 10 very audacious goals for our life, I lost my husband unexpectedly at 29, just 8 short months after adopting our teenage son from foster care. My world was broken, but my having his word and our dreams written down and implementing incredibly healthy daily habits, I was able to cope with grief and begin healing because I had a vision for my life, because I had a single word to focus on- grow. And while it looked very scary to "grow" without him, I trusted that he chose that word for a very important reason, because he know I would need something strong to cling to and move towards.

At the end of step 3, you’ll be able to...

1. Choose your Word of the Year

2. Brainstorm goal ideas with your word in mind

3. Define what matters

4. Choose a theme for 2021


  1. Choose your word. If you need help, consider using my friend Jenna’s Power WORD PDF. Write synonyms for it and the definition, and why you chose the word.

  2. Brainstorm using my goal mapping technique to write all 10 categories and things you want to accomplish in each of them.

  3. Write what it means to _________ (insert your word) in each of the 10 categories in a sentence.

  4. Choose a theme for your year- color, theme words, and a verse or quote.

  5. Define what little things you will do and spend your time on that will matter at the end of 2021.

  6. Write a sentence or two about what will matter most at the end of 2021 after reflecting on the little things!

Ready for Step Four? Read it here.

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