Step 2: a look back to move forward

On New Years Eve, an old Irish tradition is to open your door at midnight and let the old year out and the New Year in. Anyone else thinking 2020 deserved the doors, windows, and garage doors to ALL be open?

In this step, you're going to learn how to:

  • create a list of celebrations and reflect on 2020 in a healthy way

  • learn what limiting factors and fears contribute to you not being able to accomplish your goals in the past

  • learn how to overcome those limitations and create healthy boundaries for success


  1. Celebrate 10 WINS for each of the 10 goal categories we discussed yesterday!

  2. Write out things that worked really well in 2021- these can be tasks, systems, habits, anything that helped you reach your goals.

  3. Define what you’re passionate about- what fires you up? What inspires you?

  4. Who are you grateful for? Write down their names, their love language and something you’re going to do to show your appreciation for them being part of your life.

  5. What did not work well in 2020? What behaviors, habits, events or relationships do you want to leave behind this year?

  6. Which fear archetypes resonate most with you? Take the test here.

  7. What are your fears? What are you most afraid of? What are lies you’re telling yourself?

  8. Flip those lies and fears on their head and write some affirming statements or truths about WHO you really are- these should be in present tense, align with who God made you to be, and start with “I am...”

  9. Now, recalling the truth about yourself, if you were to toss all those fears and roadblocks to the side, what could stop you from achieving your goals?

  10. What boundaries do you need to create this year in 2021- for yourself? Habits? Relationships? Maybe some things you could say “no” to?

  11. Last, write out your freedom declaration. Imagine you’re at the end of next year and you have accomplished everything without being hindered... what does that feel like?!

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