Stop DREAMING about your bucket list and start LIVING it!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

What is a bucket list? A bucket list is a collection of goals, dreams and aspirations that you would like to accomplish in your lifetime. The basic idea of a bucket list is to keep track of your goals in order to maximize the memorable experiences in your life. Many people see this as a list of the top things they want to do before they die. Remember that your bucket list should be ever evolving like your life. Over time your life changes and so will your dreams, goals and aspirations. This list is for you but the things on your list can be done solo or with your family, spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend or friends. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and never stop chasing your dreams, no matter how long it takes to achieve them or how impossible it seems. This is your life…..LIVE IT!

Now that you know what a bucket list is, let’s talk about how to create your very own epic Bucket List.

Step 1. Name Your Bucket List

Some people don’t like the term “bucket list” because they associate it with a reminder of their own mortality. But, making a bucket list is really about living life to the fullest with all the hours you have left on Earth. You don’t have to name your list a “bucket list”. You can call it whatever you want. This is your list. Find what works for you. Some ideas are:

  • Dream List

  • Life List

  • Things to Conquer

  • Amazing Experiences To Be Had

  • Things to Achieve in My Lifetime

Step 2. Find a Place to Store Your Bucket List

Sometimes people make a mental bucket list. They know what they want to do but they never write it down. Writing it down helps you visualize your goals and makes you feel more accomplished when you can check something off of your list. Studies have shown that people are 33 percent more successful with achieving their goals when they write them down, share them with the world, and are held accountable with updates. There are many bucket list apps that can help you organize your list and make it even more exciting. My favorite bucket list apps are B4 and TripBucket. These free apps are fun and give you very useful information, too. And for a simple, kid-friendly app, I recommend BBL. This app allows you to add your own categories and simply type in their dreams. Once they complete the item, they get a chicken foot next to the completed item. Here are the websites to check out after you finish this blog.

Before I die, I want to...(B4):


Bear Bucket List (BBL): Recommended for kids

3. Pick the Length of Your List

The length of your list is up to you. This is your dreams and your goals and they should be limitless. You should have a variety of goals on your list. Some will be checked off in a weekend, while others may be lifelong journeys. Including short-term goals that can easily be completed will give you a sense of accomplishment and help to keep you motivated for the ones that may take years.

If your list gets too long, you can break it up into smaller lists with deadlines. Setting deadlines for a select group of goals can help escape the “someday” syndrome, a common excuse for why you won’t begin today because you will get to it someday. The goals you choose to currently work on should have a deadline different than “in your lifetime,” as it will create a sense of urgency. Push yourself, but also be realistic with your deadlines. You can also create mini-lists within your main list, for example:

  • Seasonal Bucket List – Each year create a winter, spring, summer or fall bucket list. This year I am creating a “Tennessee Thanksgiving Bucket List” for my upcoming family vacation and a “Christmas in South Carolina Bucket List” for my trip in December to visit Lauren Jackson. Summer bucket lists are probably the most common seasonal list and can be lots of fun for everyone.

📷itsmekatrinalee, Stephanie Pernas, LoveThisPic

  • This Year’s Bucket List – Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, on the first of the year break your list down to the items you want to complete in the next twelve months. This will give you something to look forward to each month. I usually do this with concerts since I go to at least one concert a month. This will work for my upcoming trips or events, too.

  • 30 Before 30, 40 before 40, or 50 before 50– Choose goals that you want to do before reaching a certain age. Don’t let your age hold you back from doing something, especially if you feel “too old”. I celebrated my 43rd birthday in Disneyland with my friends and LOVED it. I will never grow up! 🧚 Chase your dreams as long as you can!

4. Find Ideas

Once you have made the decision to make a bucket list, you need to start cultivating ideas. You probably have some ideas of things you want to do. But, how do you come up with other incredible ideas? The following are different methods to stimulate ideas for your list.


Why would anyone want to think about his or her own death? The answer is that by doing so you can learn a valuable lesson about what you want your life to look like when you are alive. What legacy do you want to leave? What do you want to achieve? What would you want your friends to say about you and your life after you are gone? What does your ideal life look like? Use these answers as a guide to help you write your list. One of my goals when creating Live Like Lorie was to inspire others to live a life beyond fear and adventures that would leave lasting memories. I know that whoever reads my eulogy will have a lot of stories they can tell and amazing pictures to share. And when everyone leaves my funeral, I want them to be encouraged to LIVE LIKE LORIE.


Organizing your list into different categories can make the brainstorming process much easier. It also helps you from becoming too overwhelmed by long lists. My lists are broken up into “People to Meet”, “Places to Travel” and “Things to Do”. Some other examples are:

  • Career & Finances

  • Charity

  • Family & Kids

  • Food & Drink

  • Local Experiences

  • Nature & Wildlife

  • Sports