Tennessee: My 2nd Cosy Home

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10 years ago this year, my dad bought a farm in Washburn, Tennessee with his business partner. They named it COSY Farms- for the acronym Circle of Seven Yomen. There are 7 of us between the 2 families. And the term Yomen means "a man holding and cultivating a small landed estate; a freeholder." -Oxford Language

Over time, they have expanded to 140 acres, added more animals-including Jack (donkey) and Jill (horse) who just came up the hill and stayed, and cultivated a few crops in the mountains of Tennessee.

Every year, in the fall, I take a trip to my dad's farm. I've taken the trip with my sister, my niece, with Joel, with Freddie, and now with Joe! Oh and don't forget last year's big trip with Mocha and 3 chicks in tow in a cooler for a brooder (fancy term for a place to keep them warm.)

You might wonder if we ever sat down and planned out this farmer life or if I grew up on a farm. Nope and nope. I had no idea my dad was planning to buy a farm. I was just coming out of college and living my adult life when all this came about. We never sat down and talked about farm life, I wasn't raised on a farm- I guess we just have kindred spirits for the farm life, the great outdoors, and country living. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of owning a farm, with goats and hosting sweet, intimate gatherings- and possibly running it as a Bed and Breakfast, but I didn't tell my dad until I handed him my 50 page business plan a few years ago. I don't know that I still want to do it that massively, but I would still love to renovate our little guest house for traveling friends and family to have a space of their own to share our homestead for short visits.

After being in the wedding industry for nearly 10 years, I also was very adamant about selling my dad on the idea of making his farm an intimate wedding destination. The Green House is a perfect place for a wedding. And, he's even had a proposal up there! It boasts a beautiful red barn, a pond backdrop with huge spruce trees and a gorgeous gazebo. The best part is- there is zero phone service- so you never have to worry about your guests checking their phone mic picture. Just unplug and be present and enjoy the beauty of the moment with your guests! If anyone wants to get married up there, give me a holler because I know a girl who is really good at all the things- photography, planning, cakes, decor, invitations, and flowers- wink, wink!

The view from the Green House porch.

In the meantime, I'll share our fun-filled adventure and the photos Freddie got of us at the farm!

Joe and I at the bottom pond.

Feeding Adventures with Joe, Freddie, Mocha (Our Dog), Boots (B+W Goat), Razor (Tri-Colored Goat), Kusco (Tri-Colored Llama), Tiki (Black Llama) Jack (Donkey), Jill (Horse) and random unnamed chickens

We nailed those impressions, right?! Random facts- my dad's goats are about 4-5x the size of mine. And, llamas poop in piles! You're welcome!

Can you tell who this guy is?! I don't look just like him at all, do I?!

Playing endless hours of pool at the Green House, ya know, bonding!

Adventures with Mo! She loves riding the golf cart with Freddie!

So grateful for some quality time with the 3 most important men in my life in a place I love and consider a second home. I love the fall time with all the vibrant beautiful colors and I'm glad we got to unplug from the work world a little while and just be! I hope this inspires you to do the same!