The Path of Pursuing Freedom

This week I did a thing. I shared my heart and my soul. I unlocked the JPF dream and my vision of the future of JPF. The last time I did this publicly was the week after my husband passed away. I had started this just a few weeks prior, writing out my dreams and envisioning my life and my future.

I've always had a vision for JPF before it even had a name. I knew I wanted it to be a place of refuge and hope. I knew I wanted it to inspire, equip, and empower people from all walks of life. But, this week I walked our JPF Family through a 3-Night event called "Pursuing Freedom".

Perhaps you feel held back by your life or circumstances. Perhaps you feel burdened by disbelief, failure and fears. This intent of this event was to get people to get outside themselves and work through those things. We started night one off by walking through a guided meditation of gratitude and thankfulness which led us to creating a vision for our lives. Where would be be 10 years from now, if nothing stood in our way?

Night One

Future: Values, Dreams, and Goals

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By the end of the video, I challenge you to write down all your dreams, for each area of your life

  1. Family

  2. Health

  3. Day-to-Day Happiness (Purpose)

  4. Financial Success

  5. Fun/Leisure/Travel

  6. Faith

  7. Friendship

  8. Leadership

  9. Home

  10. Hobbies

Then you take those dreams and focus them into one solid, declarative (present tense) statement.

  1. I am an exceptional wife. I am a caring mom. (My family respects and admires me. I care for them and put them first.)

  2. My health is unmatched. (Growing and Eating food from our garden. I am active.)

  3. I am rested, motivated and creative.  (I am inspiring, equping, and empowering the JPF Family.)

  4. I am a Royal Crown Diamond.  (We are financially free to help others in our community and helping to grow our town. I am financially free to fund the JPF Village- advocates foster care and adoption and training.)

  5. I am fun. (We take family trips to get away. We take an annual trip to my dad’s farm in Tennessee in the fall.)

  6. I am intentionally faithful. (I am faithful in pursuing God and listening for His guidance in every area of my life.)

  7. I am a thoughtful friend. (I am kind. I check on my friends. I am caring and my friends know I listen. My friends love to be around me and we are always planning things.)

  8. I am an authentic, empowering leader. (I am leading other women, moms, and entrepreneurs to be authentic to who they are in life.)

  9. My farm is where everyone wants to be. (My home is welcoming and inviting. Our little house is the perfect place for all our friends and family to visit from near and far. It’s always booked. The cathedral barn is eye-catching and the perfect place to host events and conferences. We are hosting community markets and events and help our little town thrive.)

  10. I am an artist. ( I am painting, creating, making clay and jewelry. I am trying new mediums and always pushing myself to make new things-DIYs.)


Night Two

Past: Limitations, Boundaries, Change and Mindset

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Farm Vision


Night Three

Past: Focus, Hard Work, Grace, and Accountability

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