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12 Kit Oils + Bonus Products

Vitality vs. Non-Vitality Oil Labels

There is no difference in the content of the oils labeled a vitality oil.

The only difference is the label. The white label oils are the only oils that

should be ingested. The FDA requires this distinguishable difference for 

your safety. However, no other oil company abides by this. Just another

perk how Young Living is watching after you and your family.


Lavender: "Swiss Army Knife of Oils"


  • Mix 1-2 drops with a dab of coconut oil to soothe your skin.

  • Diffuse 3 drops before bedtime for a restful sleep.

  • Add 1 drop in your mascara tube for long healthy lashes.

  • Add 3 drops to a scoop of Epsom salts for a relaxing bath.

  • Diffuse to relax in the evenings before bed.

  • Add to water with a splash of witch hazel for a linen spray.

  • Great for skin irritations.

  • Rub on chest for seasonal support.

  • Diffuse with Lemon and Peppermint during spring.


Lemon Vitality:

Happy Vibes.Cleaning.Cleansing

  • Try a drop of Lemon Vitality in a mug of warm water each morning .

  • Add a drop of Lemon Vitality to your favorite baked goods.

  • Use a drop to get crayons or stickers off around the house.

  • Diffuse with Purification.

  • Add to your steam mop with Thieves Household Cleaner to make your floors super fresh.

  • Add to your Thieves Household Cleaner for cleaning all the nasty things.

  • Great for boosting your mood and happy vibes.

  • Add a drop to oily skin or blemishes.

  • Add a drop to water for daily wellness and immunity support.

  • Powerful antioxidant.

  • Aids in digestion. Great for kidney, bladder, and lungs.


Peppermint Vitality:

Perk Up. Focus. Tension.Happy Bellies.

  • Diffuse in the morning to wake you up!

  • Diffuse 3 drops Peppermint and 3 drops Citrus Fresh for focus. 

  • Mix 1 drop Peppermint with 4 drops carrier oil and rub over the back of your neck on hot days.

  • 2-3 drops of Peppermint Vitality in your brownies... Done!

  • Add 2 drops Lavender and Peppermint and splash of witch hazel to a 2oz spray bottle for a cooling mist and natural insect repellent for summer nights.

  • Add a drop of Peppermint behind your ears before you workout.

  • Use Peppermint Vitality support your digestive health.

  • Add a drop of Peppermint Vitality to 8oz of water after a spicy meal.

  • Rub 1 drop on temples with coconut oil for head tension.

  • Dilute and massage into muscles after working out. 

  • Inhale when stomach is feeling uneasy.


Citrus Fresh Vitality:

Uplift Mood.Spark Creativity.Purify Air.

  • Add to a damp wash cloth or wool dryer balls, throw them into the dryer.

  • Put 3 drops on a cotton ball, put in trashcans, diaper pails, and shoes.

  • Add a couple drops to your air filters.

  • Stay energized and focus by diffusing.

  • Curb appetite by using 2 drops in a larger glass of water.

  • Add to wool dryer balls to ditch the toxic dryer sheets.

  • Add to spray bottle with water and a sprinkle of salt for a happy room spray.


Thieves: "The Healthy Keeper"

Immune Booster. Fight the Yuck.

  • Put a drop of Thieves Vitality + 2-3 drops Lemon Vitality on a spoonful of honey and mix into warm water to soothe a scratchy throat.

  • Add a drop of Thieves Vitality to your Ningxia!

  • Diffuse 4 drops of Thieves after a full house.

  • Apply to feet 2x a day for wellness routine.

  • Drop Thieves Vitality under your tongue for immune boost.

  • Diffuse for clean air, especially in the winter.

  • Add 10 drops to roller bottle with 10 Lemon and 10 Frankincense with coconut oil in a 10ml roller bottle for a daily immunity support roller.



Spa at Home.Just Breathe.Happy Sinuses.

  • Rub a drop with a little carrier oil on your chest before a work-out, or when you need a little respiratory comfort.

  • Add a few drops to the floor while taking a hot shower.

  • Snuggle up for bed with 3 drops on your feet.

  • Put one drop in 8oz of hot water and dip a washcloth in it. Place over airways to help relieve stuffiness.

  • Mix up a chest rub with unrefined coconut oil.

  • Diffuse with Thieves to fight off the yuck.


Healthy Digestion. Happy Bellies.

  • Rub a drop with carrier oil over your stomach after you’ve had a big meal, top with a drop of Peppermint oil. 

  • Add 2 drops of Digize Vitality to an empty veggie capsule to support your wellness regimen.

  • Add 1 drop of Digize Vitality and 1 drop Peppermint Vitality to 8oz of water for an uneasy tummy.

  • Add 1 drop of Digize to some coconut oil and rub on your fur baby's tummy when feeling tummy yuck.

  • Take in veggie capsule when traveling or eating abroad.


Muscle + Joint Soother. Ache Reliever.

  • Long day at the gym? Carrying your toddler all day? Mix 2 drops Panaway with 8 drops carrier oil and rub on occasionally sore muscles.  

  • For a boost, add a drop of Peppermint and Copaiba.

  • Great on muscles before and after exercise.

  • Add 3 drops to an Epsom salt bath.

  • Add topically to joints, fingers and hands to loosen.

  • Dilute with carrier oil for massage.

  • Add a couple drops to Peppermint and coconut oil to neck, back, and sore areas.


Glowing Skin. Grounding Emotions.

  • Add a drop under your facial moisturizer for the most radiant skin of your life. 

  • Take a drop of Frankincense Vitality under your tongue daily to support your well-being and normal cell health.

  • Rub a drop over your heart to calm and uplift emotions.

  • Inhale from palm of hand to ease nervous tension.

  • Apply during prayer, meditation, or focus.


Bravery + Confidence. All the Feels.

  • Amazing for emotional grounding.

  • Promotes feelings of bravery.

  • Add a drop to the big toe for snoring.

  • Diffuse before bed for an amazing and relaxing sleep.

  • Apply on spine after a Chiropractic visit to stay balanced.

  • Apply to wrists and chests for a boost of confidence.

  • Inhale and apply over heart when emotions are high.

  • Helps increase and amplify the frequency of other oils. 

Peace + Calming:

Calm the Crazy. Rest + Relax.

  • Diffuse 2 drops with 2 drops Lavender before bed for a relaxing sleep in your kiddos' bedroom.

  • Add 4-5 drops to a cup of epsom salt in a warm bath.

  • Apply to the bottoms of your feet for a calming ritual.

  • Great for big feelings for toddler tantrums and meltdowns.

  • Apply to back of neck of littles ones to calm down.

  • Apply to bottom of feet before sleep.

Stress Away:

Uplift + Chill Out. Vacation in a Bottle.

  • Add a drop to your wrists when you need to be calm. 

  • Try a few drops in a scoop of Epsom salt and soak in the tub. 

  • Combats stress. Aids in relaxation.

  • Apply to neck and wrists to calm. 

  • Apply to shoulders to ease muscle tension.

NingXia Red:

  • Throw your packets in the fridge! They are great cold, or even frozen. Great for kids or adults. 

  • Falling into a mid-afternoon slump? Drink it down for a healthy energy and antioxidant boost!

Thieves Spray:

  • Thieves Spray is the perfect on-the-go, quick-clean solution. Keep one or two around the house and throw one in your diaper bag or purse to use when needed. The fresh, rich aroma instantly promotes a clean environment when used on counters, sinks, door handles, bathroom surfaces, and more.

Thieves Hand Sanitizer:

  • Kick 99.99 percent of germs to the curb!

  • Get clean hands anytime, anywhere with Thieves® Waterless Hand Sanitizer. Small enough to fit in your purse or travel bag but big enough to share, this germ-fighting solution is great for the whole family. Infused with soothing aloe vera gel and the cleansing properties of 100 percent pure Thieves® blend and Peppermint essential oil, Thieves Hand Sanitizer effectively eliminates common, harmful germs and bacteria. As a bonus, this lightweight formula leaves hands soft and smells divine. 

Desert Mist Diffuser

(or upgrade to the Rainstone or Aria)

It functions as a humidifier, atomizer, and aroma diffuser in one simple-to-use product. The Desert Mist also offers multiple settings—High, Low, and Intermittent mode— to permeate your home or office for up to 10 hours of blissful aromatherapy. The Desert Mist is designed to run longer and offer more features, so you can customize your aromatherapy experience to any mood. It offers 10 LED colored light options, including an alluring candle-like flicker mode. With its beautiful design, this elegant diffuser will fit right in with any home or office décor.

This box is by FAR the best value and includes the most coveted oils that you will use every single day. You can literally use this as a toolkit for all your daily wellness needs. It's the only kit that includes all 12 oils (you will use them all - trusssst me) and a diffuser that is valued at over $400, and you get it all (plus extra goodies) for $165! Purchasing this kit will also get you access to a wholesale membership (meaning a 24% discount!) with no monthly requirements or minimums! No strings attached.

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