Since we must be quarantined and all, we thought we'd bring some fun activities to you and your family.


This song, "Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness, My God, that is who you are," has been a resounding prayer of hope for my friends and family and we decided, for a time such as this, this would be the perfect song to feature on a shirt to pass along home and encouragement to our JPF Family!


Join us virtually for this event on our JPF fb page


How to Participate:

1. Select your Shirt Size

Purchase your shirt(s). If you need sizes not listed, please email us at This t-shirt will come with a vinyl transfer for you to apply after tie-dying. You can press on with an iron (on high temp). I will demonstrate this in a second video. You are welcome to purchase a vinyl only option in case you have a white 100% cotton t-shirt (synthetics and blends do not absorb dye as well).


*FREE shipping for orders placed before April 10th.



2. Supplies

Grab supplies from the grocery store. For each shirt, you will need:

- 2 cups chopped fruit or vegetable material


- 4 cups water (may vary depending on how rich you want the color fo your shirt)

- 4-5 Tbsp. vinegar or salt

- Strainer

- Rubber Bands or Clothespins

- Rubber Gloves



Color Recommendations:

Blue natural dyes: blueberries and blackberries

Red natural dyes: raspberries and beets

Yellow and ochre dyes: lemon and orange peels and turmeric

Green natural dye: spinach leaves

Orange natural dye: onion skins

Purple natural dye: red cabbage leaves

Pink: avocado seeds and peels

Brown: tea or coffee grounds

*I recommend on using one color per garment.



3. Watch:

Tune in or watch the replay of the LIVE demo on the Jackson Pine Farm + Market page. Then, repeat steps once you've received your materials, at your convenience. A second demo video will be recorded for the pressing of the vinyl material. Time for it TBD. The first event will be Friday, April 17 at 4pm EST.



Shirt Info:

Women's Shirt: 5.2 oz., pre-shrunk 100% cotton

Youth Shirt: 6.0 oz., pre-shrunk 100% cotton

Child's Shirt: 4.5 oz.(US), 100% preshrunk ring spun cotton

*Need a different size/style? Email

How-to: Natural Tie Dye Shirts {Virtual DIY Event}

Shirt Size
  • This class will be hosted:

    1. On the JPF FB Page LIVE


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