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About Savannah.

Hey y’all! I am a mom to a beautiful and hilarious 14 month old little girl, Emelia (Emmy) Adair. Our life is crazy! I have a Master’s in Counseling and am working on my professional licensure! I have a background working with children that have endured trauma, and I am passionate about helping them heal and overcome the trials they have had to face in life.

Why Oils?

I first began oils to help myself and my daughter with sleep, immunity, and emotional stability. I now use them for EVERYTHING. I clean with them. I wear them. I diffuse them. I roll them! I drink them...what else? Oils have been a game changer for my family!


My goal is to eventually become a chemical-free household and help all my friends and family do the same! Best of all, and most unexpectedly, Young Living has provided me with a community of the most amazing people to work alongside! I love the friendships I am building with this business and the opportunity it is giving me for a flexible future!

Fave Oils:

Valor (Confidence, Emotional Stability) Stress-Away (I need this for all the tantrums, the messes, the chasing, shall I continue?) Copaiba- Teething...all the teething!

Fave Products/Recipes:

Crisp Fall Day: Raven + Thieves: ahhh it smells just as good as it sounds! Sleep Blend: Peppermint + Lavender + Copaiba + Stress Away

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