The oily Biz


Seriously guys...if you only understand TWO THINGS in this business...


LOVING your oils & STACKING would be it!


It is absolutely why we create such strong & supported

organizations SO FAST! It is also why we hit ranks so fast

& help our friends do the same. It’s basically why we are



A few of my top "Diamond In 2 Years" tips

1. FIRST Stack people who LOVE their oils are dedicated, on ER, with PV assistant set up

2. ONLY stack people who are working & striving to succeed

3. NEVER stack people who ask for it

4. FOCUS on building 6 STRONG legs NOT 2

5. ALWAYS ask for help when you are first starting

6. REACH out to your closest friends & fam to get them at the TOP of your legs (you only get 6 make them incredible!)


Here it is all laid out for you for those of you who are NO JOKE!!!... & want to MASTER STACKING!!!

You can change your new members sponsor a few ways:

Live Chat - Within 5 days

E-mail - Within 30 days -

-Compliments of Annie Hauser, Modern co.


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