Essential Oils



Thieves is the spotlight oil in all of the Young Living Products and it is really the best! This amazing blend is made from oils that were once looted by thieves from 15th Century France tombs, hence the name. They were highly sought after for embalming and preserving and today are made from the purest plants on the planet. This blend smells like fall in a bottle. It's a favorite for sure. 

From this one oil, there is a whole spectrum of Thieves products from Young Living. From toothpaste, to hand sanitizer, to an amazing all-purpose cleaner, it’s easily one of the most popular oils for this reason.

Thieves Cleaner

Thieves Household Cleaner is a natural and healthy powerhouse product that can replace countless cleansers with questionable ingredients you may currently have in your house. This is a green, ecologically friendly, plant‐based cleaner containing Thieves essential oil blend for extra cleaning power. This is an all purpose cleaner! It’s made with 100% plant‐ and mineral‐based ingredients, including:
- Vegetable‐based surfactants like alkyl polyglucoside that are compliant with Green Seal and EPA Design for Environment (DfE) standards
-Biodegradable cutting agents from renewable sources rated safe as can be on the Environmental Working Group’s health hazard scorecard.
- Therapeutic‐grade Thieves and Lemon essential oils (the highest quality and purity essential oils) for natural cleaning

- A bottle of Thieves Cleaner will last months and months (we are not joking!).
Believe us when we say you CAN save time and money by buying ONE cleaning product. You won’t have to make trips to multiple stores or order from multiple online sources. Thieves Household Cleaner is an all-in-one cleaning product that will replace most of your household cleaners. And it is FANTASTIC. 

Thieves Household Cleaner is a concentrate. For most all-purpose cleaning, 1-2 caps per 16oz of water is perfection. Clean all the things!



Thieves Dish Soap

Thieves Dish Soap is super concentrated (just a few drops is all you need!) plant + essential oil based dish soap!

It contains lemon, bergamot, jade lemon, + Thieves blend essential oils, plus it is free from: SLS, dyes, sles, formaldehyde, phosphates, synthetic perfume and it says “if swallowed, drink plenty of water.”
Um yes please. We will take all the safe cleaning products we can get. 



Thieves Laundry Soap

With a plant-based formula, Thieves Laundry Soap gently and naturally washes your clothes, leaving them truly clean without any chemical or synthetic residue. Natural enzymes and powerful essential oils add to the formula’s strength to leave your clothes fresh and clean with a light citrus scent. Thieves Laundry Soap can be used in all washers, including high-efficiency, and its highly concentrated formula (6X) will provide around 64 loads with just 32 fl. Oz (946 ml).


Thieves Hand Sanitizer

Kick 99.99 percent of germs to the curb!

Get clean hands anytime, anywhere with Thieves® Waterless Hand Sanitizer. Thanks to its compact size, you can bring this germ-fighting solution from the classroom to the office and everywhere in between. Infused with soothing aloe vera gel and the cleansing properties of 100 percent pure Thieves® blend and Peppermint essential oil, Thieves Hand Sanitizer effectively eliminates common, harmful germs and bacteria. As a bonus, this lightweight formula leaves hands soft and smells divine.


Thieves Fruit + Veggie Soak

Enjoy eating your fruits and vegetables as nature intended with Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak! This unique formula combines three exclusive Young Living essential oil blends with other naturally derived ingredients to effectively wash your produce. It’s highly concentrated for long-lasting use.

Perfect for meal preparation or cleaning larger amounts of produce, add a small amount of Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak to a basin of water, then soak, rinse, and enjoy clean fruits and vegetables!



Thieves Hand Soap

Thieves Hand Soap is plant-based, so it’s perfect for even the smallest mess-makers in our home. The plant-based foam leaves our hands super clean - but not dry like other soaps on the market. In most harsh soaps out there, you’ll find synthetic fragrances, parabens, SLS and SLES, triclosan, and harsh preservatives. Thieves Foaming Hand Soap is free from sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and harsh chemicals. It contains Thieves essential oil blend, as well as Orange essential oil.