Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are created equal:

The reason Young Living’s oils are so different is their unmatched commitment to producing a pure, unadulterated oil- meaning zero harmful chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers. In fact, they actually use animals or weed the fields by hand to uphold those standards. Young Living’s commitment to creating a highly therapeutic product means they’ve invested in their own farms, care for and nurture their own plants, trees, and shrubs, and finally distill, test (and do 3rd party testing), and bottle the oils that arrive on your doorstep. They are involved in the entire process. So, we know exactly where our oils come from and the entire process by which they are created. 

Some of the other companies may claim that their oils are organic or pure. Unfortunately, the terms “organic”, "therapeutic", or "pure" is not regulated by the FDA in regards to essential oils. The FDA does not certify or grade essential oils so any oil you see making those claims is simply using the word. They did not have to do anything to earn it. Young Living will not even purchase land if it has had a chemical fertilizer or pesticide on it within 50 years. 

"Not all oils are safe to use in the ways Young Living essential oils are. Those oils you saw at the health store or co-op cannot be ingested the way Young Living oils can.  One thing that is mind blowing is how easy it is for other essential oil brands to have misleading “100% pure” labels - yet contain synthetic oils and additives.  Pretty crazy!  Young Living is the ONLY company that grows it’s own plants from start to finish, and owns their own farms, with the strictest standards around." -Annie Hauser


What Sets YL Apart?

  • Transparency

  • Anyone can go visit a YL farm!

  • No other company owns farms or distilleries. Repeat. NONE. 

Let me give you an example of how important it is for a company to know the right time of day to harvest the plant and exactly how long to distill the plant to produce the chemical compounds the plant contains that is therapeutic to our bodies. If a company cannot tell you where the oil is made, chances are they are not familiar with the standards it takes to produce the quality of oils you want on your children. If you cannot walk onto your oil company's farms and watch them distill their oils at their very own distilleries, then don't use it. There’s a reason Young Living has been the world leader in essential oils for 25 years!


Here's a few examples:

  • 220 lbs of lavender to make just 7lbs of oil


  • 8 million flowers (harvested before the sun gets too hot on the very first day they bloom) to make just 2lbs of oil

Think about the amount of money it would take to assure there were no chemicals, no adulterated or imperfect plants. Now you understand why you get what you pay for... what is labeled on YL products is ALL that is in the bottle. It's not diluted or watered down to sell you a lower quality for a cheaper price.

"But Young Living is more expensive, right? You’re right, often times it is and “you get what you pay for” has never been more true. Young Living is more expensive than other brands and oils you can find at Whole Foods or on Amazon because of its therapeutic grade. An ever-growing number of marketers have jumped on the essential oils bandwagon looking for an easy way to make a lot of money. Most of these oils are cheap imitations, purchased wholesale in large quantities, diluted with synthetic additives, and rebottled before being sold to you.

That’s not okay for us. We want the best for our families and we don’t want to 'save money' short-term only to spend more long-term because we used something that didn’t do what it was supposed to or even harmed us." -Annie Hauser


Seed to Seal:

Here is what makes Young Living different:

  • YL farms and partner farms abide by strict standards.

  • YL selects the strongest seeds from strong thriving plants. They will not over-produce for quantity or stock needs. They only produce what the healthy plants will provide.

  • Pest Control: All plants are hand-weeded and use oils on plants to avoid the use of toxic chemicals.

  • Plants are harvested at peak times to ensure quality oils, down to the hour.

  • Distilleries are on site to prevent contamination and process without chemicals.

  • Every batch has several tests to pass and done multiple times each by YL and outside parties. If it doesn’t meet their standards because of weather conditions or for any other reason, it does not get used.






Want to know more? Research more at the Seed to Seal website.


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