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What you'll find here:

- How to place an order

- How to earn FREE products

- Access FREE Wellness Assessment

- Find products for targeted wellness

Make a Shift

Get Started

Ready to make your first purchase?! Let me first say, "CONGRATS!" on the amazing wellness journey you're about to embark on for your family! Here's a look at how to get started!

Select StarterBundle

Try out Young Living’s best products while earning points to spend on future orders.

Create Loyalty Order

Select Loyalty Rewards eligible items and add them to your cart. Select "make this my first loyalty order" will unlock our exclusive 24% discount and earn you points on your entire order!

Place Your Order

Be sure to click “Yes, make this my first loyalty order” to earn points on today’s order and lock in your rewards.

Step 2: Select Loyalty Items

Your Monthly Wellness Box delivered to your door with all your faves!


Loyalty Rewards is Young Living's perks program. Sign up today and unlock our exclusive 24% discount and receive your monthly loyalty order while earning free gifts and loyalty points to spend on future product purchases! Plus, after you place just two consecutive loyalty orders, you’ll earn your first free gift, a Desert Mist™ Diffuser.

1. Find products you love
2. Click “Create Loyalty Order”
3. Checkout with your products

Targeted Wellness

Did you know?


There's a FREE oily app for all customers?!  They provide information, education, videos, promos, and more to make sure you know how to purchase, use, and benefit from your Young Living products.

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