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Welcome oily friends,

What you'll find here:

- FREE Oily App + Wellness Assessment

- Learn how to create Wishlists

- How to get your FREE Desert Mist Diffuser

- How to Set up your next Loyalty Orders

- Access to Member Resources including education, recipes, & books  

Next Steps

Now that your first order has been placed, let's talk about what's next! Here are your next 3 steps to get you started well on your new wellness adventure! 


Download LifeSteps

There's a FREE oily app for all customers?!  They provide information, education, videos, promos, and more to make sure you know how to purchase, use, and benefit from your Young Living products. 

Image by Lauren Mancke

Wellness Assessment

Use the LifeSteps App to take the Wellness Assessment to help guide you in your next loyalty orders. I always advise Members to focus on one target category at a time, ie. cleaning products, personal care, ditching candles, etc. 

Screen Shot 2023-04-24 at 10.06.59 AM.png

Create Your Wishlists

Create wishlists on your Young Living dashboard as you find products that you'd be interested in trying. Save them as areas you'd like to target over the next 6 months. 





You get a FREE Desert Mist Diffuser with your 2nd 50+pV order on Loyalty Rewards! Details in the gallery to the right!

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